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QUESTION: Should Trump PURGE The IRS Of Obama’s Old Guard?

Is THIS a good reason for urgency in ‘Draining The Swamp’?

There’s an old saw that tells us ‘Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.’

Should that be extended to bureaucrats? The answer might be ‘yes’.

The IRS has been wielded as a political weapon against law-abiding citizens. Obama’s administration used it to target and harass his political rivals.

(Hello: remember Nixon’s ‘enemies list’? Didn’t Americans already GO to war over a centralized government abusing its authority over its citizens, back in the 1700’s or so? Have we learned nothing?)

Judicial watch has been pressing for information from the IRS for a long time over exactly this issue.

The Internal Revenue Service admitted to a federal court Wednesday that it has identified nearly 7,000 documents that contain information concerning how the agency targeted tax-exempt applications of conservative political organizations.

IRS commissioner John Koskinen has insisted since the scandal broke in 2013 that the agency had cooperated completely in the investigation of its targeting of conservative groups. Now, in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the IRS revealed it has 6,924 documents related to its targeting of tea-party conservatives during the Obama administration.

…Despite court orders forcing officials to admit the existence of the records, the IRS refuses to say when it will release the documents to the public.

“At this time, the Service is unable to provide an estimate regarding when it will complete its review of the potentially responsive documents,” the IRS Status Report states. “The Service will begin producing any non-exempt, responsive documents by March 10, 2017, and, if necessary, continue to produce non-responsive records on a bi-weekly basis.” —WND

Let us remind you that THIS was under Obama. Who bragged that he was leaving without significant scandal.

Who assured us that there was not ‘a smidgen’ of corruption in the IRS scandal.

Maybe ‘smidgen’ was just the wrong unit of measurement?

How is this level of corruption measured?


The abuse is said to be so bad that Judicial Watch is actually proposing a radical solution:

“The corruption at the IRS is astounding,” Fitton said in a statement. “Our attorneys knew that there were more records to be searched, but the Obama IRS ignored this issue for years. President [Donald] Trump needs to clean house at the IRS as quickly as possible.”

In fact, Fitton said Trump should go a step further and completely “eliminate” the IRS altogether.– WND

What do YOU think Trump should do about it?

Share if SOMETHING needs to change in the IRS.

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