STEYN: The Rape Of MD Schoolgirl By Illegals – ‘Is The DEPRAVITY of the POLITICAL Class’

Written by K. Walker on March 22, 2017

Steyn knocks another one out of the park. His take on mass illegal immigration is SPECTACULAR.

ClashDaily reported on the sick attack on a 14-year old girl in a school bathroom.

TOTAL BS: Illegal Alien Students RAPE 14yr. Old Girl – No Word From School District

The story has sparked outrage all over the country.

The witty and brilliant Mark Steyn was on Fox & Friends and tore into the political class that created the politically correct environment that enabled two illegal aliens to rape a teen in her school.


From the video:

This is the depravity of the political class. They’re basically willing to offer up their own citizens, 14-year-old schoolgirls and sacrifice them on the altar of diversity and virtue signaling and the shameless political posturing. You know, as we saw in the Gorsuch hearing — Democrats, particularly, have great empathy in theory but the practical consequences of that poser empathy are what happened to that girl in this school bathroom a few days ago. This is no benefit to the citizens and legal residents of the United States in fetishizing mass illegal immigration. And shame on this county and the state of Maryland for going along with it.


The virtue-signalling Left are deconstructionists, so they are loathe to say that something is ‘wrong’ — it just might be wrong for you. It’s all just a bunch of made-up terms like ‘Subjective Objectivity’ that mean absolutely nothing.

The Left holds the compassion for the illegal aliens that want to enter our country so badly that they violate the law to do so, ahead of the legal residents of the United States. And we are to welcome them with open arms, no matter who they are.

The Right, on the other hand, sees that there are indeed people that want to make a better life in America. We have a system in place for those people to do so legally. Allowing for unfettered illegal immigration, then legitimizing these people as proper ‘immigrants’ leaves the door open for abuse by criminals, which puts everyone at risk. It is also incredibly disrespectful of the thousands of immigrants that wait for years to obey our complex immigration law.

But to have the viewpoint on the Right side of the spectrum gets you labeled as a ‘bigot’ and a ‘racist’ that hates immigration.

The Left has been carefully equating ‘illegal aliens’ to ‘immigrants’ and ‘illegal immigration’ to ‘immigration’.

Words matter.

And so does upholding the laws that are currently on the books like the President is doing now.

H/T: Breitbart

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