TRUTH: The Ones LECTURING Us About It Have Been Busy DESTROYING It

Written by Paul Hair on March 13, 2017

Never before have people so despised truth, our betters tell us. We must reject fake news and false narratives, they say. But what those lecturing us fail to admit—and never will—is that they are the ones who destroyed truth.

As the organs of power recoil in terror at the threat to their corrupt rule, they deem the everyday American as being guilty of thirsting for lies and despising the truth—truth which they say only they possess.

And while they might be partially accurate in their declaration that a great many people despise truth, the Ruling Elites have no business lecturing us on the loss of it. After all, they lead the war on it.

The same people telling us that society rejects truth are the same people who have promoted one of the greatest lies in history: that a man is a “woman”.

The Ruling Elites also lie about there being a War on Women, and a War on Tampons and Birth Control as well. They preach that the Patriarchy is evil and that a War on Men must ensure.

They lie to us about there being a War on Nature, and they spread deceit about there being global cooling. No! It’s global warming! No! It’s climate change!

And as they lie to us about that, they tell us we must spend trillions of dollars to atone for our sins against the earth. But that’s just fine, they say, because we can spend our way to prosperity. By the way, they add, Marxism is good and liberty is evil.

The elites lie about us waging a War on the Elderly and a War on the Young, even as they war on both, murdering the aged with euthanasia and the unborn with unholy abortion. They eventually want to murder us all, of course (recall their death panels), all while they continue to deem us the murderers.

While we are defending ourselves against those lies they busy themselves by slinging even more falsehoods at us. We are waging a War on Non-whites, a War on Muslims, and a War on Minorities, they say.

Siding with those who want to slaughter us will win their hearts and minds, they shout, and anyone who says otherwise wants to embolden our enemies and destroy us all.

America is evil, Western Civilization is demonic, and Christians are the number one threat to all of life, the Elites say, all as they proclaim themselves to be the most patriotic, heritage-loving, God-fearing people on the face of the earth.

We’re racists, xenophobes, jingoists, sexists, homophobes, and all-around bigots simply for existing, and there is nothing we can do to change it, they insist. We should die, already, and apologize for our lives as we take our last breath.

The Ruling Elites are the Queens of Lying. They have waged a War on Truth for decades. Yet now that someone is standing up to them—now that the people they have walked all over and slandered all their lives are fighting back—they demand that we stop what we’re doing and let them instruct us on truth.

And our answer to them is: No.

photo credit: torbakhopper obama liez : red stencil, san francisco (2014) via photopin (license)

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.