UH, EARTH TO LIBS: In ONE DAY Reno Fired 2X MORE U.S. Attorneys Than Sessions!

How DARE we drain that swamp! Liberals are OUTRAGED! But when Liberals do it…

At some point, this outrage will get unsustainable. But for now? It’s ‘All Outrage, All the time.’

*yawn* Ok. I’ll bite — what is it THIS time, Liberals?

Ok. How are we defining ‘orderly transition’?

Right. Your political plants get to stay in place and be a buffer between the duly-elected government that Americans saw fit to entrust with power, and the actual implementation of government policy. The same thing people have been calling the Deep State.

They are, ultimately, unaccountable government operatives. This is why, from time to time, they are purged. Becuase if they remain they have a rather obnoxious habit of doing what is in their power to oppose, ignore, or defy policy that does not align with their own political priorities.

Predictably, after a ‘drain the swamp’ mandate, Trump’s cabinet will be doing some housecleaning. Forty-six political appointees will be asked for their letters of resignation.

And Liberals are upset about this? That’s pretty rich. Looks like we’ll have to take them to school.


Do you remember some guy named Obama?

He had some kind of a government job recently. He did something similar, and you didn’t get your panties in a twist over it.

And there was this other guy who played the Saxophone and left a trail of women lodging sex complaints against him. Know what HE did?

He hired someone named Janet Reno. SHE axed ALL 93 Republican Attorney Generals on the same day.

That included one guy named… Jeff.

Where was your outrage THEN? Right. Your side was ‘winning’. So you didn’t care.

You just DESPERATELY want to have SOME semblance of power within the government.

Well Guess what? You ASKED the American Public for a madate to have some of that power. They took a look at who you chose as your leader, and decided you couldn’t be TRUSTED with a mandate. So they gave it to someone else.




So, whine all you want, but you REALLY don’t have a leg to stand on, here.

Nice try, though.

Share if axing 46 sounds like… a good start.

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