WATCH: Liberal Chick DERAILS, ‘Lets Legislate Your PENIS’ – Tucker’s Like … WTF?

With surgical precision, Tucker cuts right through her Planned Parenthood talking points. And he completely NAILS her on that ‘mammograms’ question toward the end.

Like lambs to the slaughter, liberals and their talking points keep showing up on Tucker Carlson’s show. It never gets old.

This time it was a Planned Parenthood rep who kept REFUSING to give a straight answer to any questions, but Tucker didn’t let her off the hook.

And then she trots out this weird line about legislating a penis?


Just HOW many ‘special brownies’ did she have before the show?


It wasn’t even close.


Exactly. But give her credit, she was very well trained. She did a GREAT job of sticking to those talking points.

Imagine how credible she’d seem to be on one of those ‘REAL’ news shows where Planned Parenthood gets a free pass.

And that’s exactly why the ‘real’ news sources have a credibility crisis.

Share if Tucker left Jehmu Greene looking foolish.

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