UNREPORTED: The REAL Backstory of Jeff Sessions & The Russian Ambassador

Published on March 4, 2017

You’ve heard the Democrat spin. Now hear the REST of the story.

What are we told about Sessions?

We are told that he has nefarious connections with a Russian Ambassador. (This would be the SAME Russian Ambassador that was seated with the Democrats during Trump’s Address to Congress.)

This alleged connection between Sessions and the Russian Ambassador that Franken and others are whipping into a frenzy is powered mostly by conjecture and half-truths.

The context that is regularly left out of the story is HOW Sessions came to meet the Russian Ambassador.

There is a WORLD of difference, for example, between people meeting at an official government function and, say, meeting in a parking lot in the middle of a moonless night.

What WERE the circumstances of the Two meetings Sessions and the Ambassador had? We’re glad you asked. It just so happens that information public knowledge.

Officials from the State Department and the Heritage Foundation helped clear it up.

They are making it clear that in both events, he was there in his capacity as a Senator, not as a Trump Surrogate.

The first one was when Sessions was called upon as keynote speaker for a Heritage Foundation event.

As a State Department spokesperson told Business Insider in an email, the State Department has invited foreign ambassadors to both the DNC and RNC “as observers of our democratic process” since the 1980s. The State Department manages invitations, logistics, and security, and ambassadors are responsible for their own expenses, including flight and hotel accommodations. The convention committees develop the programming the ambassadors participate in or attend.

In this case, the Heritage Foundation was one of the organizations that sponsored the Global Partners in Diplomacy conference, the one at which multiple news outlets reported Sessions and Kislyak spoke following an address Sessions gave to attendees. The State Department was unable to confirm which dignitaries were in attendance at both the RNC and corresponding DNC events, or whether Kislyak attended a corresponding DNC event, which would’ve occurred following the initial WikiLeaks dump of hacked Democratic National Committee emails. [emphasis added]

So that was the FIRST meeting. What about the other one?

The second conversation between Sessions and Kislyak reportedly took place in September at the senator’s office, according to The Washington Post. US investigators examined the conversations, the Journal reported, as part of an investigation into communications between Trump’s campaign operatives and Russian officials.

…Sessions’ allies have also insisted he did not mislead the committee because he did not believe that those conversations, held in his capacity, they said, as a senior Armed Services Committee member, were relevant to the question. Opponents say Sessions may have perjured himself by not mentioning those two conversations with Kislyak.

So, in the FIRST time he met with the Ambassador, there were MANY ambasssadors in attendence, and it was the State Department (i.e. Obama Administration) that did the inviting.

Franken’s question was specifically probing to discover whether there was any Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign.

Sessions would, therefore, have no reason to suspect Franken was asking about any innocuous contact with Russian nationals that were incidental to his official duties as a Senator.

That’s not how his critics are seeing it.

See the whole story at Business Insider and decide for yourself.

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