WATCH: Cleric DEFINES Which Women Can Be RAPED By Their Religious Adherents

Published on March 13, 2017

You’d think more voices on the LEFT would be speaking in defense of these women… what could POSSIBLY explain their silence?

In the name of her religion, she is defending the practice of holding female sex slaves. (It takes less than three minutes to watch.)

The opening of the clip names the theology professor, and also where she teaches.

Not only is this Professor defending this practice as ‘lawful’, she is saying that HER religion (have you guessed which one yet?) has IMPROVED general society by establishing specific rules about who may (and who may not) be captured and used as sex slaves.

She specifically mentions Jews as a legitimate target for this practice. (Does this surprise you?)

[That 50-second mark is particularly instructive. And chilling.]

She excludes freeborn girls from, say, east Asia from being taken into the home as an additional victim ‘wife’ for the ‘man’ of the house. She calls this practice ‘nonsense’. Because they were not ‘at war’ with [her religion].

But if you capture a woman in war? She’s yours. And you can vent your lust upon her. No problem.

Because this is a book that establishes a ‘just’ society.

Or something.

So, Feminists. Time to choose. Will you speak up for the women who are explicitly designated as ‘lawful’ prey for such men? (Among so many other ACTUAL ‘Patriarchic’ and systematic abuses of women.)

Or are you afraid doing so will label you a ‘bigot’. Can your thin skin handle a little name calling?

We hear so much about your ‘courage’. About your ‘activism’ for social change. Time to put up or shut up.

Share if it’s LONG past time for ‘feminists’ to take a stand for such victims.