BREAKING: Essential NATO Ally ‘Votes’ To Become ISLAMIC Dictatorship – They’re SCREWED

Written by K. Walker on April 17, 2017


Crucial NATO ally, Turkey, in a very close referendum has given President Erdogan sweeping powers, including the ability to scrap the Parliamentary system and move to a Dictatorship.

One that would embrace Islam and renounce secularism.

It could also allow Erdogan to hold onto power until 2029.

This tweet sums it up:

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed a narrow victory in Sunday’s referendum on whether to give him sweeping new powers, but Turkey’s opposition said they would contest the result over fears of voter fraud.

In a dramatic finish to the bitterly-fought referendum campaign, the state-run news agency said Mr Erdoğan’s Yes camp had won around 51 per cent while the No campaign took 49 per cent with 98 per cent of the vote counted.

Mr Erdoğan claimed victory in a low-key speech in Istanbul in which he appealed for unity. “This is a historic decision, not an ordinary event,” he said. “We are carrying out the most important reform in the history of our nation.”

Mr Erdoğan said he would immediately begin looking at restoring the death penalty, a move that would end any possibility of Turkey joining the EU.

But the opposition CHP party said it was looking to contest 37 per cent of the ballot boxes over suspicion of vote tampering.
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Voter turnout was very high at 86 percent of eligible voters casting a ballot.

There are accusations of voter fraud, so the result is being disputed.

The vote wasn’t peaceful. Three people were killed in a ‘political dispute’ at a voting station, and two others were beaten at another polling station by ‘unknown assailants’.

Erdogan has been pushing for Islamic rule in Turkey, rounding up and arresting dissidents.

Just last July, there was a failed military coup against the President.

Erdogan has arrested a shocking 47,155 government critics, academics, journalists, military officials and civil servants, which has strained Turkey’s relations with the European Union.

Turkey is a critical ally while fighting terror in the Middle East.

The overt turn to an Islamic government and the shunning of Western Democratic ideals is stunning and could change puts in question Turkey’s allegiance to NATO and the West.

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