BREAKING: Guess Who’s Replacing O’Reilly — Does This Surprise You?

O’Reilly has held that Top Spot for a long time. Did they pick the right replacement?

Whatever his personal failings, on the business side, O’Reilly was a ratings MONSTER.

Talk about ‘big shoes to fill’.

Now that O’Reilly’s time there has come to a crashing halt, who is the heir apparent?

Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson is getting the nod to take over ‘The Factor’s’ time slot.

He’ll have to keep it pithy, and no bloviating. (His guests, on the other hand, are another story.)

What do YOU think?

Is Tucker up to the challenge? Should they have given someone else the nod? If so, who?

Share if it’s DIZZYING how quicly things can change on these networks.

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