CALL THEM OUT: Immigration Lies the Left Constantly Tells

Written by Andrew Allen on April 27, 2017

The number of lies liberals get away with on a regular basis when it comes to immigration is mind-boggling. Nothing they say makes a lick of sense. Everything they say they need to be called out for. Things like:
– Illegal immigrants aren’t illegal, they are undocumented AND they pay their taxes.
Oh, really. How pray tell does someone who isn’t “documented” file their taxes if they don’t have a social security number or a taxpayer identification number. Social security numbers and tax payer identification numbers are things we “documented” people have?

– Speaking of undocumented, the left claims that for the better part of our history, people routinely arrived here without documentation.
That, of course, isn’t true, but pretend for a moment that it is. If in 1842 it was a super cool thing that people just kinda sorta showed up here without documentation, what other things from 1842 would the left prefer we bring back into everyday life? Slavery? Whale oil lamps? Colonialism? Public executions? Subsistence farming and open sewage?

– Sanctuary cities are safer than other cities because illegal immigrants feel more comfortable going to police with problems that supposedly aren’t happening in those super safe sanctuary cities.
Huh? For the past two years, thanks to Black Lives Matter and like-minded agitators, didn’t we hear the constant claim that people of color were terrified of police that were openly hunting them down and killing them in cold blood? Now the left wants to change their narrative and insist the opposite is taking place? Talk about intellectual whiplash. Sheesh.

Perhaps the biggest lie the left really needs to be called out for is the skewed version of history they offer up to support their open borders agenda. Listen to a leftist and they’ll tell you that up until some point in our nation’s history our borders were wide open. People just showed up and BOOM were Americans simply by making it to our shores. They honestly think Ellis Island was like a cruise ship terminal and people just got off the steamships and waddled off to Brooklyn.

Fact is, up until the mid-1960s American immigration was heavily regulated and alternated between periods in which quotas were allocated to particular groups of people and periods in which no immigration was allowed at all. The mess of a system we have today is entirely a creation of the left and there is a reason behind it.

While your average gutter blubber leftard is simply too stupid to know any better than to repeat the lies they’ve been taught, liberal elites push those lies to hide their true agenda. They don’t want America to have borders. They think America’s presence in this world is immoral, and they see open borders as a way to rectify the problem of America’s existence.

photo credit: Fibonacci Blue International Workers Day march in Minneapolis via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen (@aandrewallen) grew up in the American southeast and for more than two decades has worked as an information technoloigies professional in various locations around the globe. A former far-left activist, Allen became a conservative in the late 1990s following a lengthy period spent questioning his own worldview. When not working IT-related issues or traveling, Andrew Allen spends his time discovering new ways to bring the pain by exposing the idiocy of liberals and their ideology.