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FOX: Trump SURVEILLED Before Nomination, Agencies With 411 BLOCKED Nunes for Weeks

Agency employees STONEWALLING official information requests?
Maybe it’s not TRUMP we need to investigate!

Here’s the video from the Fox News Report in question:

Nunes has known about the unmasking controversy since January, when two sources in the intelligence community approached him. The sources told Nunes who was responsible and at least one of the Trump team names that was unmasked. They also gave him serial numbers of reports that documented the activity.

This was long before Trump sent out his now-infamous March 4 tweets claiming then-President Barack Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower during the 2016 election.

Nunes had asked intelligence agencies to see the reports in question, but was stonewalled.

He eventually was able to view them, but there was only one safe place to see the documents without compromising the sources’ identities — the old executive office building on White House grounds, which has a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) required to view classified or top secret reports. The White House did not tell Nunes about the existence of the intelligence reports, but did help him gain access to the documents at his request, the source said.

The White House, meanwhile, is urging Nunes and his colleagues to keep pursuing what improper surveillance and leaks may have occurred before Trump took office. They’ve been emboldened in the wake of March 2 comments from former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas, who on MSNBC suggested her former colleagues tried to gather material on Trump team contacts with Russia. — FoxNews

ClashDaily covered other aspects of this report — including reasons it had NOTHING to do with a Russia investigation — here.

Share if the media is on a Witch-hunt and is being willfully blind to the BIGGER story about the criminal release of private information.

Share if THIS is why you don’t trust ‘mainstream’ media (D).

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