HEY, FEMINISTS: Elizabeth Warren’s Chicks Make WAY Less Than The Bros – Is She Still Your ‘HERO?’

Written by K. Walker on April 4, 2017

Maybe Elizabeth Warren could tweet about THIS on her next rant about the ‘Gender Wage Gap’.

Or would that be too embarrassing for Faux-cahontas?

Warren is known for shrieking calling for equal pay for women on Twitter and citing the ‘Gender Wage Gap’.

Here is Christina Hoff Summers debunking the Wage Gap Myth:

Lieawatha, however, continues to cite the Wage Gap as an example of the rights of women that have yet to be attained.

Because she’s delusional.

And hypocritical.

It turns out that Warren’s own staffers have their own Gender Wage Gap.

The median annual salary for male staffers in Warren’s office amounted to $73,750 in 2016, while female staffers brought in a median of $52,750 in 2016 — a pay gap amounting to more than $20,000, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Female staff in Warren’s office make 71 cents for every dollar that their male counterparts make.

The top five highest paid staffers in Warren’s office were all men who earned between $113,750 and $156,000, while only one woman earned a salary of more than $100,000 in 2016.
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And she’s not the only one.

In Obama’s Administration, women were paid less than men.

With Hillary, it was the same thing. While she was Secretary of State, women made $16,000 less per year than their male counterparts, when she was a senator, the difference was $15,000 in favor of men, and even as the ‘Vote For A Vagina’ candidate, she still paid men $7,000 per year more.

And wouldn’t you just loooove to hear their reasons for this?

Is it because men were in different positions doing different jobs?

Is it because the roles that men took were a different skill set?

Is it because the men had more experience and/or expertise?

Because those are all arguments for merit-based hiring.

Just like those of us on the Right call for.


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