HILARIOUS! Joy Behar Asks An UNINTENTIONALLY Funny Question To Caitlyn Jenner…

Written by K. Walker on April 27, 2017

Caitlyn Jenner was on the View and the discussion quickly veered to politics and President Trump.

The harpies hosts of the View queried the former decathlete on politics and the possibility of running for office.

Caitlyn said that when she was a he and went by Bruce, he was often asked to run for office after giving a speech at Republican events. He never considered it because he thought that he had too many skeletons in his closet.

But now his closet is empty of skeletons and filled with designer dresses, handbags, and the most amazing pumps ever!

So, it’s a maybe.

Joy Behar asks, ‘And is the country ready for a woman President?

Watch the hilarity:

Did she just…

And we’re just supposed to let it…

Sorry, but that is Hi-lar-i-ous!

Can you imagine the conundrum that the Leftists would be in if Jenner ran as a Republican?

Bruce/Caitlyn has said that he voted for Trump because he’s not just a one-issue voter.

Recently, however, he’s said that his loyalty is to the LGBT community, not to Republicans.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Jenner admitted to being a small government, right-leaning voter.

Here’s a MASSIVE ‘What If…’ scenario.

What if Caitlyn Jenner manages to be a good ambassador for the LGBT community to the Republican party and vice versa.

What if the prevailing viewpoint skews enough that Caitlyn took a stab at running for leadership.

What if Caitlyn Jenner ran for the Republican party and won the nomination, would that mean that the Republicans would have a woman running for President?

Would Democrats change their allegiance to virtue signal vote for ‘brave’ Caitlyn?

Would that shatter the glass ceiling or not?

It’s a man who became a woman who ran for President…

And if Caitlyn Jenner won… how would Hillary feel about that?

Now, that’s about as likely as a herd of cats being led through the Taj Mahal on leashes while playing Moonlight Sonata on little cat kazoos.

But hey, in the scenario Hillary felt like crap, so…


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