INTERNET TROLLS REJOICE: Shia Labeouf Starts New Stunt … In Finland

Published on April 12, 2017

Shia LaBeouf must be a real glutton for punishment. He’s still licking his wounds from the box office beating, and now he’s at it again.

His embarrassing — record setting? — results on opening night were the subject of MASSIVE internet ridicule. And before that, there was the cat-and-mouse game of capture the NeverTrump flag. (He lost.) And his ‘he will not divide us‘ feed. (That got ridiculous.)

Now that his anti-Trump live-stream project has relocated to the U.K., Shia LaBeouf and his collaborators are heading across the Atlantic as well — but they’re landing farther north. Way, way farther north, actually.

LaBeouf, Nastja Rönkkö, and Luke Turner have mounted another project, and this one focuses on communication and solitude thanks to some far-flung locales. “#ALONETOGETHER” involves Kiasma, the museum of contemporary art in Helsinki, Finland, and three cabins located in the remote, icy stretches of Lapland.– mtv

And he’s already being trolled.

Anti-Trump actor Shia LaBeouf has a new art project that involves him and two of his friends sitting by themselves in cabins in Finland with their only contact with the outside world through text messages to patrons of a local museum in Helsinki…

His website? It’s ‘waiting for the event to go live‘.

It MIGHT mean he’s off duty or asleep.

Or it might mean the internet trolls have already found him.

He’s not TRYING to be funny, or ridiculous. But he’s managed to be both.

Pop your popcorn. Have some fun.

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