‘ISLAMICALLY-ABLED’: Jihadists Have Been Given A New Designation — And It’s HILARIOUS!

Published on April 12, 2017

If you still believe in media ‘integrity’ don’t read this. It’ll burst your bubble.

There is a new pseudo-medical term being floated around. And ‘magically’ the news media all seem to have gotten the memo at the same time.

But there is no collusion, or cooperation over the narrative. Right? Here are some of the quotes. (h/t to Twitchy for the heads-up)

The investigation is focused on two suspects from the “Islamist spectrum,” spokeswoman Frauke Koehler said. Their homes have been searched and one has been temporarily detained, she said. –CNN

Borussia Dortmund blasts: suspect ‘from Islamist spectrum’ detained

The same phrase was used in January in this article, written by a Secular Brit who didn’t mind taking jabs at Fundamentalist Christians in the process of denouncing the less socially agreeable aspects of Islam. In a street interview with a locally-born Muslim couple.

“Do you agree with what your fellow Muslim is saying to the Christian preacher?”

“Well, I could never kill any body myself, but at the same time it does say in the Koran and Hadith what the punishment for homosexuality should be,” said the scouse Muslim.

“So, if you lived in a state where there were concentration camps for gay people where they were killed in the name of Islam would you or would you not have a problem with this?”

“Look, I wouldn’t be able to work there myself and I wouldn’t want to hear about it as I’d be uncomfortable with it, but at the same time I couldn’t object to it either.” —AeroMagazine

The phrase turned up at least as far back as 2014 in a quick web search done here.


But the phrase is popping up and being echoed everywhere.
German police investigating a pipe bomb attack on a bus transporting the Borussia Dortmund football team to a Champions League match have detained one suspect and are searching for another, both described by prosecutors as having links to “the Islamist spectrum”. —Guardian

That person and another suspect both had their homes searched by investigators and, according to Koehler, both suspects are from the “Islamist spectrum.” One of several claims of responsibility for the attack made demands for the withdrawal of German jets from Syria and the closure of the US Air Force’s Ramstein air base in Germany. — MSNBC

You get the picture?

What’s going on here, exactly? One of two things. Or maybe three.

Either this is exposing just HOW reliant our news is on shared sources and isn’t nearly as ‘independent’ as we are told mainstream journalism is.


This exposing deliberate word choice in political narrative, where different news sources are all using shared language to interpret (rather than report) events they are covering.



We’ll see if this phrase falls into common use to describe and sanitize the motives of Jihadis. Thereby keeping them a ‘safe’ distance from the Islamic religion that has statistically significant overlaps in views with the radicals.

Not as though they would offer, say, Christianity the same courtesy.

Share if the ‘news’ media is a disgrace, undercutting their own credibility.