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‘SOME’ LIVES MATTER? Why The Lopsided Outrage About Racially-Charged Crimes?

Organized efforts are made to protect homosexuals from unprovoked hate-crime violence. Tragically, no such organizations exist to protect victims of senseless black-on-white violence. Such organizations should exist.

• Andrew G. Nesbitt was brutally stabbed to death in his Madison, Wisconsin apartment. Reports say the victim’s body was discovered on his 46th birthday by his roommate.

The victim lived in a downtown apartment. The crime occurred in March, 2017. described Nesbitt as a gay hate-crime survivor.

The attack that ended his life was not Nesbitt’s first. He survived a brutal assault in Oshkosh in 2011. It was in the aftermath of that assault that Kathy Flores first met Nesbitt through her role as an advocate for LGBTQ victims of violence in the Fox Valley.

“He suffered a beating from two men who left him so injured he required emergency surgery to reduce swelling in his brain,” Flores, who is now LGBTQ Statewide Anti-Violence Coordinator for Diverse & Resilient, said in a statement. “Drew worked diligently over the years to recover physically and emotionally and recently relocated to Madison. … I was heartbroken to learn that he suffered another violent attack and died as a result of that attack.”

If a homosexual is beaten nearly to death, the media takes note of the hate crime. If a white man is literally beaten to death by a black male, no hate-crime reference is made; even when the victim is the same individual in both crimes.

The report continued:

Various reports said that Anderson has a long criminal record dating back to 2012. He’s been arrested for fourth-degree sexual assault, physical assaults, criminal damage to properties, and other crimes.

News outlets failed to acknowledge the racial component of the tragic homicide. Anderson is black. Nesbitt was white.

• Organized efforts to protect white victims from black violence may have saved the life of Greg Zyszkiewicz.

Zyszkiewicz was a 64-year-old housing inspector for the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Zyszkiewicz’s life ended in March, 2017 after he was shot in the head during a carjacking in broad daylight. Police believe the fatal shot was fired by 17-year-old Deshaun Scott. Scott was arrested along with two accomplices.

The three suspects are black; Zyszkiewicz was white.

It’s another page in the never-ending legacy of racial violence that plagues the United States.
According to

As it relates to the fatal shooting of Greg Zyszkiewicz, the complaint says Deshaun Scott, the alleged gunman, “was riding in the Kia with Shaw and Smiley, looking for a car to take for Scott. Smiley was driving the Kia. They saw the victim on Cherry Street and made a couple U-turns past him. They stopped so they could rob him of the car. Scott got out with the shotgun, which had the butt sawed off and taped. Scott approached the victim and told him not to move. As Scott was adjusting his hand on the shotgun, it went off. He ran back to the Kia, and the three drove away.”

Prosecutors say this all began with a crime spree involving the theft of vehicles. Zyszkiewicz was shot in the head, and prosecutors say … 17-year-old Deshaun Scott, pulled the trigger of a shotgun, killing the city worker with 33 years’ experience.

According to the criminal complaint, “the three began the crime spree (on March 22nd) in a Toyota that had been stolen several weeks earlier. They drove that Toyota to a gas station to rob a person and obtain a second car, a Kia. From there they continued and tried to get a third car, a Mustang, but that incident ended with a homicide and the Mustang was not taken.

Later that day, the young men were caught in police chases involving both the Kia and Toyota.
The complaint goes on to say “each defendant gave a statement implicating himself and the other two defendants.”

• Also killed in March was the 38-year-old father of a little boy.

According to
Johnathan Alex Nipper, 38, was found dead from multiple gun shots to the upper body, authorities said.

Few details were given and no motive was cited. Photos of the suspects and their victim, however, reveal the alleged killers are black. Their victim was white.

Detectives began an investigation and learned that Delton Graham, Jr., 18, was the suspect in the shooting. Graham has been charged with first-degree murder.

The sheriff’s office determined that Nyrek Moore, 18, of Raeford, drove Graham from the crime scene to another location. Moore was arrested and charged with accessory after the fact of first-degree murder. Graham fled before authorities could catch him and the sheriff’s office has said he’s considered to be on the run.

Graham was later found and arrested, reports say.

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