LMAO: ‘LUXURY’ Spoiled Kid Music Fest Promoted By Kendall Jenner Is A Veritable HELL ON EARTH

Kendall Jenner and a bunch of other celebs promoted ‘Fyre Fest’ as a ‘luxury’ music festival on an island in the Bahamas…

It was promoted on Instagram and websites like Bustle as a ‘getaway music festival’ for people who aren’t music junkies.

And beautiful people would be there.

So, it was for shallow poseurs.

They should’ve called it ‘Crap Fest’.

Or maybe ‘Lord of the Flies Fest’.

It’s been utter chaos for the people that paid the $450 a day for the peons, but the elites could get VIP passes for a whopping $12,780.

Twitter has been full of rage, frustration and mockery:

Performances were canceled by big names like Blink 182:

Poor organization meant that you couldn’t even drown your sorrows let alone your frustration:

And they made USPS look like art restoration experts in their handling of luggage:

But hey! At least organizers are listening to the complaints and coming up with solutions:

Perhaps they’ve realized the sh-tfest that this really is:

Well, there’s always the lawsuit option:


One attendee tweeted out a catalog of the horrors:


That looked like hell.

We’ll see if they get their money back…

But it turns out that all this suffering was for a good cause:

On the one hand, it’s great that a few wussified millennials had to feel some suffering in their cozy lives.

On the other, they paid for an event that was promoted as ‘luxurious’ and didn’t get what they were paying for.

Maybe a few of them just learned a very expensive lesson.


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