NOW AND THEN: Parallels Between Today And April 24, 1980 – DESERT ONE

Written by Captain Dave Funk on April 24, 2017

I was a young, active duty US Air Force Sargent on this date thirty-seven years ago; a weak President, weak leadership, turf wars, budget battles, and lots of incompetence hamstrung America’s military at that time.

A totally failed attempted rescue mission in the Iranian desert helped Ronald Reagan defeat Jimmy Carter. President Carter was a feckless and weak leader and had driven America’s military, our economy, and our nation into the ditch. President Obama made Jimmy Carter look competent by comparison. Amazing the number of parallels that we have today, with President Obama now out of office and a competent adult back in charge in Washington.

From 41,000 feet in the air, America’s future is looking even better.

Image: By U.S. military – United States Special Operations Command History, 1987-2007 from en.Wikipedia; en:File:Wreckagedesertone.jpg, Public Domain,

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Captain Dave Funk
Captain Dave Funk: Constitutionalist, hunter, dad and patriot, Dave has retired as both a US Army attack helicopter pilot and a Boeing 757 International Captain for Northwest Airlines; Dave has spent most of the last few years piloting US Department of Defense special mission aircraft in the “Sandbox”. With a unique perspective on the world that comes from thousands of hours at 41,000 feet, his ability to explain complex aviation question in simple terms has earned him guest commentator spots on most major TV and radio networks.