VIDEO: Watch What This Drunk Blonde Tries To Do To Arresting Officer

Published on April 24, 2017

She will not be getting any teacher of the year awards. And MOTHER of the year is right out.

An eighth-grade teacher in Florida (why does always seem to be Florida?) was busted for DUI and asked to walk the line.

You can see from the video that it didn’t go very well for her. It must have been embarrassing to do this walk with her ten-year-old son watching. He was a passenger in the car she was driving. Keep that in mind as you watch her fumble her way through the sobriety test.

A couple of Pro-tips.

First, never put yourself in that situation. Be smarter than that.

Second, if you ever DID find yourself in that situation? DON’T tell the cop you want to kiss him.

Too bad this chick never got that advice. See for yourself:

That was just embarrassing.

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