What MELANIA Did For These Kids Will NEVER Be Mentioned By CNN

Published on April 29, 2017

If she had a (D) after her name, this is all we would be talking about for about a week!

It’s a serious contrast from the former First Lady scoldingly telling students what they can and cannot have for lunch.

Melania spent the day with sick kids.

Not all visits with sick kids are considered equal.

Hillary, for example, hosted handicapped children for an Easter Egg hunt at the Governor’ Mansion in 1984. They were taking a long time to find them. A biographer reports:

“Hillary had enough. She stomped up the grass to the shaded veranda on the back of the mansion … and accosted one of the troopers,” Kyle wrote. “At this point the story diverges a bit. Some people say there was an open microphone; others said that Hillary could be heard across the yard because she was yelling. … At any rate, the frustrated Me-First Lady demanded, ‘When are they going to get those f—ing ree-tards out of here?’” (source)

What was Melania’s visit with the sick kids like?

It was filled with coloring and hugs. Lots and lots of hugs.

And smiles.

First Lady Melania Trump dedicated a new garden for patients at one of America’s leading children’s hospitals on Friday as she grows more comfortable in the White House role.
Patients at the Children’s National Medical Center will be able to spend time outside in a healing garden while enjoying views of the National Mall and Washington Monument from the the hospital’s new rooftop.
Melania spent the afternoon working with children as they colored a floral coloring sheet with a pink marker and bonding with a girl who was celebrating her birthday. —DailyMail

Here’s what she tweeted about it:

It warms the heart, doesn’t it?

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