CHARLIE FOXTROT: These 2 Places Have Become Sanctuary Cities For LEFTIST VIOLENCE!

Published on April 29, 2017

Have you noticed how much violence and mayhem it takes for ‘love’ to ‘trump’ hate? Leave it to Leftist ‘logic’.

The news is looking more and more like those old gangster flicks where the mob collects its ‘protection’ money from shopkeepers.

There’s just one small twist. Instead of a plate-glass window and a brick, it looks more like this:

Nice democracy you have there. Shame if something should ‘happen’ to it.

Did you ever think AMERICA could turn its back on what made it strong in the first place and let itself degenerate into something like this?

Berkeley and Portland aren’t just sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. They’re sanctuary cities for leftist violence. They’re safe spaces for thuggish leftist censorship. They’re “resistance” zones where the Constitution doesn’t operate. They’re leftist dictatorships where flags can be burned, but not waved.

The left lost an election and launched a civil war. Berkeley and Portland are in a state of rebellion. And they are not alone. The local authorities are covertly winking at leftist violence because they agree with it. They have become places where conservatives cannot assemble or speak because the police won’t protect them. Americans are becoming foreigners in leftist enclaves like Berkeley and Portland.

Leftist violence in Berkeley and Portland is turning cultural and political divisions into violent ones. The complicity of the authorities in leftist violence against free speech is a crime against the Constitution. It is a political segregation that cannot be abided or obeyed if we wish to remain a free country.

Winning the civil war means enforcing the rule of law in every state and city. The First Amendment must apply in Berkeley and Portland. Freedom of speech and assembly must come to leftist sanctuary cities. Until Americans are free to assemble and speak in Berkeley and Portland, the civil war will continue. — Read the full article (it’s worth the click) at Front Page Mag

Free speech? Diversity of opinion? Who has time for that? Hashtag #resistance. Don’t worry. They’ll tell us who the acceptable choice to vote for is. By force, if necessary.

They’ve already done so. They shut down a parade because one of the participants was a Republican.

They’ve shut down university events with Guest speakers. For the same reason.

How ‘dare’ we breathe the same air as them?

Once upon a time, Portland was known as the City of Roses. During the first Bush presidency, it earned the nickname Little Beirut for the deranged and violent tactics of the leftist protesters which included the use of blood, feces, vomit and phlegm. There’s no room for roses in the left’s Little Beirut.

And there’s no room for free speech either.

Portland’s leftist thugs used to be satisfied brawling with police and smashing random windows. Inauguration Day in Portland meant rocks and flares being thrown at police officers. But the left has worked its way down from violently protesting elected officials to protesting conservative speakers to declaring war on the existence of Republicans who disagree with them.

No Platforming now means that Republicans don’t have a right to participate in any civic event. And then eventually that they don’t have a right to exist or leftist thugs will “drag and push them out.” Front Page Mag

They’ll save us all the time and trouble of becoming informed about the issues or hearing the candidates speak and making up our own minds about who to elect. Because, we might ‘make a mistake’, and vote for someone they don’t like. (Again.)

Therefore, they have volunteered to relieve us of that responsibility.

All in the (increasingly ironic) name of ‘anti-fascism’.

How ‘liberal’ of them.

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