NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Before DEMANDING Donald Trump’s, Let’s Look Into Susan Rice’s Tax Returns

Written by Andrew Allen on April 18, 2017

Show us the tax returns.

No. Not Donald Trump’s tax returns. Geraldo Maddow already made a fool of herself with those on MSNBC. Show us Susan Rice’s tax returns.

It’s only fair.

As Obama’s National Security Advisor – in the view of Team Obama, Trump represented a threat to their idea of “national security” thus they believed it legal and ethical to spy on the Trump campaign and leak info to like-minded media outlets – Susan Rice raked in six figures. A figure in the $170,000 range.

But we all know her bank account is a lot fatter than that. Chelsea Clinton fat. Remember, the Clinton kiddo that looks an awfully lot like Webb Hubbell and awfully a lot not like Bill Clinton raked in more than half a million each year “freelancing” for NBC.

Freelancing. And they wonder why Donald Trump complains about fake news.

To be fair, Chelsea Clinton and NBC are free to enter into whatever fee for service arrangement the latter is willing to pay for Chelsea’s services. Presumably her services are exceptionally good although few examples of Chelsea’s work exist to accurately make that assessment. Perhaps the “what is ‘is’ “ crowd has a predictably elastic definition of the “services” Chelsea Clinton freelanced to NBC.

Susan Rice is different. From 2013 to 2017 her official salary was paid for by taxpayers. That of course represents a very small portion of her net worth. When she signed on as Obama’s National Security Advisor her net worth was around $20 million. When she left office somehow her net worth had doubled to nearly $50 million – a succession of pay raises that increased her government salary from $172,000 per year in 2014 to $176,000 certainly doesn’t account for the extra $30 million she made as National Security Advisor.

A lot of Rice’s wealth comes from her investments in Canadian oil companies, including the firm that operates the northern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline. I’m sorry, you didn’t know part of Keystone XL was in operation and transporting American crude oil to refineries in Canada and eventual shipment as product to China and east Asia? It’s probably not as sexy a media story as a bunch of rag tag hoodlums protesting the proposed American leg of the pipeline, big oil, capitalism, and wealth inequality.

It would be interesting to see Susan Rice’s tax returns just to connect some dots and see how much big oil and capitalism make sure she’s unequally wealthy when compared with most of us working stiffs. Fight for $15 indeed.

An even more important thing Susan Rice’s tax returns would tell us is whether or not she receives a federal pension.

Members of Congress receive a pension.

So do former Presidents.

Does Susan Rice, to this day, receive a taxpayer supported paycheck?

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Andrew Allen
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