WUSSIFICATION: Watch British Cops RUN From JUST ONE BRO Like Scared Quail

Published on April 18, 2017

So, how’s that unarmed police force workin’ out for ya? Feel ‘safe’ yet?

Here’s Britains ‘thin Blue line’ in action. There’s what… a dozen of them? Against one guy? How hard could it be?

Oh. THAT hard, is it? Yikes.

What do they do if they’re first on scene for an armed robbery? Is it the old ‘Stop or I shall say stop again’ routine?

If it were just television, this would be comedy gold. Sadly, it isn’t.


Did they study Benny Hill at the Police Academy? Good grief! They’re running around like chumps.

It looks like the Brits need a new training manual.

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