QUESTION: Would You Go To A Speech Given By BARACK or MICHELLE?

Published on April 28, 2017

Didn’t take the Obamas long to go from CRITICIZING the 1% to BECOMING the 1%, now did it?

What could either of them POSSIBLY have to say that’s worth $400k per speech.

Obama’s being slammed as a ‘fatcat’ for getting a $400k speaking fee for addressing Wall Street next fall. Meanwhile, he has ALREADY pocketed another $400k for an address he made for A & E Networks. (In case you were wondering about their objectivity, or whether they are spending shareholder money wisely.)

Obama has come under fire over the fees he receives for speaking engagements.
He is set to be paid another $400,000 at an engagement sponsored by Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald LP in September.
Earlier this week Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said she was ‘troubled’ by the fees the former President can command. —DailyMail

‘Troubled,’ Elizabeth? Really? Don’t you mean to say ‘jealous’?


Former first lady and lawyer Michelle Obama is scheduled to speak Thursday at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Obama will speak at the American Institutes of Architects conference.

The Obamas recently founded the Obama Foundation, based on the South Side of Chicago.

Seven years ago, as first lady, Michelle Obama launched the “Let’s Move” campaign to promote healthy families and fight childhood obesity.

Obama launched Let Girls Learn in 2015, a program to help young women get better access to education. —Orlando

No word yet on her current feelings about America.

It does seem to have treated her family very well, but the ‘love’ is unlikely to be reciprocal.

For once, here’s a financial success story where ‘You didn’t build that’ is actually correct. His only accomplishment is a stint in public life, and he has more cash flow than most small businessmen and women could possibly DREAM of earning through honest work.

Which brings us to the question: Would YOU attend a speech featuring one of the Obamas?

Share if they don’t seem to have QUITE the contempt for the 1% that they pretended to have while campaigning.