WTF? Director Joss Whedon Says President Trump Might Start KILLING Gay People — Is He SERIOUS?

Written by K. Walker on April 6, 2017

The Hollywood Leftists have gone absolutely bat-crap crazy since November 8, but THIS is pretty extreme…

The Avengers director is known for his anti-Trump sentiments and his Twitter-shrieks for #Resistance.

He insulted Jared Kushner and called Ivanka a dog.

Whedon’s got some really nasty Twitter tendencies.

He tweeted that Nicole Kidman was a ‘Puppet for Trump’ when she came out as not against President Trump. Not that she said that she was for him exactly, just that Americans should stand behind their President. You know, it’s what we used to call being ‘civil’.

Today, Whedon took the anti-Trump hysteria to the next level.

Linking to an ABC article about Chechen authorities rounding up and murdering gay men, Whedon tweeted:


How the Left can criticize Donald Trump for being anti-LGBT is really strange.

During the RNC, it was President Trump that got a standing ovation when he mentioned LGBT rights.

Donald Trump is the first President that was openly for gay marriage. Even Obama wasn’t when he ran in 2012. Hillary flip-flopped on the issue to suit the (Progressive) winds of change.

President Trump relies heavily on Peter Thiel, the openly gay co-founder of PayPal, as an advisor. He appointed Rick Grenell, another openly gay man, as NATO Ambassador.

Despite the left’s attempts to demonize Donald Trump as a homophobe during the campaign, the truth was and is that Donald Trump is unquestionably, the Republican Party’s most pro-gay presidential nominee in history.

Since the awful terrorist attacks in Orlando, Donald Trump made a passionate and sincere outreach to the LGBT community — promising to do something that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would not do: protect LGBT Americans from the barbarism of radical Islam.

Orlando was not the beginning of Trump’s outreach to the LGBT community, indeed it is much more of a natural continuation of Trump’s long-time record of treating LGBT people with fairness and equality in the business sector.
Read more: Fox News

Frankly, his embracing of the LGBT agenda has given him considerable trouble with social conservatives on the right.

A lot of the Never-Trumpers are social conservatives that are tremendously concerned with Trump’s acceptance of more ‘liberal’ views.

So, where does this ‘Trump is anti-LGBT’ rhetoric come from?

Is it just the massive butt-hurt that Whedon’s condescending star-studded anti-Trump ad didn’t work?

Maybe a little.

It’s to paint President Trump as a hater.

Remember, Leftists need a villain. It’s not a difference of opinion or different paths with the same end goal in mind.

It’s about Good vs. Evil.

And in their eyes, they’re the good guys.

What they don’t get is that painting the people that disagree with you as bad guys is not a good act, it’s a bad one.

That’s why they’re all out there wanting to ‘Punch a Nazi’.

And a Nazi is defined as anyone to the Right of their Progressive ideology.

So what exactly does that make them — The Good Guys or The Bad Guys?

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