WTF? Rachel Maddow BLAMES President Trump For RIOTS In Venezuala — Is She SERIOUS?

Written by K. Walker on April 22, 2017

It must be difficult to try to make everything bad that happens Donald Trump’s fault, but Rachel Maddow is doing her best.

Rachel Maddow didn’t take President Trump’s win well.

And in the most overhyped moment in cable news, released a teeny portion of Donald Trump’s tax return from 2005 which sparked parody.

In her latest episode of ‘Blame the President’, she implies that the riots against the SOCIALIST Government of Venezuela are the result of an FEC report about the head of a Venezuelan oil company donating $500,000 to President Trump’s Inauguration.

It’s just bizarre.

Even for Maddow.

The MSNBC host seems to really believe that the unrest in Venezuela that’s been around for DECADES is suddenly the fault of President Trump who is still not 100 days in office yet.

ClashDaily readers, THIS is what Rachel Maddow is blaming on President Trump:

Nope, it’s just Maddow.


There appear to be rational folks on Twitter:

A few were just stunned with the lack of context:

Others saw it as a general problem of the Media (D):

Michelle Malkin weighed in:

This Venezuelan was not impressed:

Some are just trolling Maddow for the ‘Fake News’:

Others are commenting on the Media (D) bubble that the US Liberals live in:

This guy is ‘following the story’ like a reporter should do. Take notes Rachel Maddow, it’s called ‘journalism’:

And one Twitter user got it bang on:

And the Liberal Agenda 2017 is…

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