WTF? The TINY HOUSE MOVEMENT Is Now Considered RACIST Or Something

Published on April 24, 2017

And THIS is just how stupid things are getting in the SJW’s Bizarro World. Wish we could say this is parody. But it isn’t.

If you see someone chucking it all and scaling back to live in one of those Tiny Houses you’ve seen on TV?

This isn’t a fine example of someone deciding that whoever dies with the most toys does NOT win, and they are trying to simplify and restructure their lives and give the rat race the old heave-ho. Nor is it a committment to living with a smaller energy footprint.


If you buy a tiny house, you are appropriating poverty. You horrible, horrible person you.

It’s a sin that possibly not even planting trees or driving a hybrid could atone for, presumably.

This background, this essential part of who I am, makes it particularly difficult to stomach the latest trend in “simple” living  — people moving into tiny homes and trailers. How many folks, I wonder, who have engaged in the Tiny House Movement have ever actually lived in a tiny, mobile place? Because what those who can afford homes call “living light,” poor folks call “gratitude for what we’ve got.”

And it’s not just the Tiny House Movement that incites my discontent. From dumpster diving to trailer-themed bars to haute cuisine in the form of poor-household staples, it’s become trendy for those with money to appropriate the poverty lifestyle  — and it troubles me for one simple reason. Choice. — Hat tip: PJMedia for bringing thsi to our attention

It goes on from there talking about how insensitive it is. That and kitschy restaurants that build around the theme of ‘comfort food’.

And yet people aren’t entering or leaving at gunpoint. And no robberies are happening through the entire transaction.

Let’s put this in perspective. You are the party with slogans built around the concept of ‘choice’.

and YOU want to control where people live. And what they eat.

Do you guys have any OTHER fascistic ideas you’d like us to know about?

We’ve got one for you. Pour yourself a steaming serving of shut up…

Curl up in your favorite chair…

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