YO, LIBS: ‘Trump’s Leadership’ Is RESPONSIBLE For A 17-Year Record – Does This OFFEND You?

This is either very GOOD news, or very BAD news, depending on your politics.

You might call it ‘a promise kept’.

Trump pledged to stem the tide of illegal immigration. He’s closing in on 100 days in office. Let’s check in on the status of that pledge.

Sessions seems to be on the job, with an emphasis on MS-13.

In case you were unaware just HOW bad the MS-13 crowd was, they’re even talking about it in Europe. For example, this headline:

‘KILL, STEAL, RAPE, CONTROL’ How the murderous MS-13 gang has become a multi-million-pound crime cartel rivalling the mafia that Trump has vowed to rid from America

‘March was the lowest entrance of illegal immigrants in 17 years.’

Why have people been averse to this very obvious solution? If nothing else, you’d think the bleeding hearts would see the wisdom of screening out the violent offenders.

But no. It took Trump taking office before anyone took up this issue.

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