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ASININE: University Segregates Black Student Dorms Because Of ‘DIVERSITY’

Before you laugh out loud at this? This ISN’T the Onion. And they are NOT kidding.

The University of Colorado at Boulder recently announced plans to transform one of its residence halls into a “Social Justice Living Environment” in the fall.

According to a press release on the matter, the Hallett Hall will be split into three “Living Learning Communities,” one for “LGBTQIA-identified students and their allies,” another for “students passionate about diversity,” and a third for “black-identified students and their allies.”

It won’t REALLY surprise you that the ‘related link’ that appeared right after that paragraph was Perfectly positioned. [RELATED: Claremont students refuse to lives with white peers]

Signs of the times.

In the name of tolerance, we will not tolerate you.

In the name of diversity, we will become LESS diverse.

In the name of racial unity … we will segregate.

Didn’t ONE generation LITERALLY face ACTUAL violence from ACTUAL authority figures in their fight to DE-Segregate America?

Wasn’t there one famous incident about sitting on a bus?

And TODAY’s answer is to make ‘Blacks-only’ housing?

What’s next? Bussing? Water fountains?

Separate entrances in theaters?

This is LITERALLY beyond parody.

Do none of these asshats realize that THIS kind of segregation and exclusion is EXACTLY the fertile ground that racism on both sides springs out of?

Do they not realize that working, living, loving, and laughing side-by-side with people different from ourselves is part of the ANTIDOTE for our misunderstandings.

That and letting go of old grievances that had nothing to do with the ACTUAL living people you’re surrounded by.

The hall already hosts the “Spectrum LLC” for “LGBTQIA-identifying students,” offering “social and educational activities focusing on community dialogue and support,” as well as access to gender-neutral bathrooms.

Starting next school year, Spectrum will be joined by a “Multicultural Perspectives LLC” featuring programs, initiatives, and volunteer opportunities relating to “social justice topics.”

…In addition, the new “Lucile B. Buchanan” portion of the hall will be set aside specifically for “those identifying with elements of the African and Black Diaspora and their community allies.”

All three LLC’s provide a live-in “peer mentor” on each floor who will “provide individual support to students” and facilitate programming for each community in conjunction with the relevant school department, such as the Cultural Unity and Engagement Center, the Gender and Sexuality Center, the Women’s Resource Center, the Volunteer Resource Center, or the Center for Student Involvement. — Campus Reform

Wouldn’t Orwell be proud of how fluent the little lemmings are in their Newspeak? Let’s bring up the question everyone’s already thinking.

With all this attention to Propaganda, is there any actual LEARNING going on in there? Answer? Probably not.

Which is why we need to be really careful in our decisions of which college — if any — to attend. Some of them do more harm than good. Leaving the student with nothing to show for the time but debt, and a couple of poisoned ideologies that spread like syphilis.

Boulder, Missou, even Harvard are ‘taking the blue pill’ and walling themselves off in their fantasyland.

One by one the ‘institutes of higher learning’ show themselves truly unworthy of that name.

Share if that scratches another school off your list.

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