BREAKING: Looks Like France Is Getting SICK Of Libs – Le Pen SURGES Past Libweed Macron!

Published on May 1, 2017

Was Obama’s phone call the ‘kiss of death’ to Macron’s campaign?

France is days away from electing their next leader.

They’ve narrowed it down to two.

There’s Le Pen, who’s attitude toward immigration scares the hell out of liberals. (You may remember when she was asked to wear a hijab so she could meet Lebanon’s Grand Mufti, she told him to pound sand.)

And there’s Macron, the Socialist.

The Left was feeling pretty good about the fact that Macron got more support than Le Pen in the first part of the election where it got narrowed down to the top two candidates.

They felt that put them in good position to see Macron elected.

Now, that it’s a binary choice, what are the polls telling us?

Recent moves by Ms Le Pen to appeal to a wider audience seem to be working as she has removed herself as the leader of the Front National party, and rebranded her campaign with the new motto “Choose France”.

Pollster Harris Interactive, who correctly predicted the result of the first round, revealed a six points slip by Mr Macron since last Sunday.
Ms Le Pen said: “The country Mr Macron wants is no longer France; it’s a space, a wasteland, a trading room where there are only consumers and producers.”

The latest polls were conducted prior to the announcement that defeated first round presidential candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, would be Ms Le Pen’s prime minister if she wins the presidency. — Express

The headline used the term ‘plummeting’.

By May Seventh, we’ll know for sure whether the Status Quo message or the ‘Choose France’ message has won out.

And this just might be the election that decides whether France continues to have anything like it’s distinct historical identity, or whether it gets subsumed by the culture of whichever groups sweep through and take over.

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