CLASH POLL: Who Spews More ‘FAKE NEWS’ – The Left Or The Right?

Published on May 1, 2017

One Facebooker had some STARK warnings for the REAL reasoning behind the ‘fake news’ phenomenon. He offers a remedy, too.

Dave Henderson wrote a Facebook post about what’s REALLY going on with Fake News. (here) Check out his claims.

What do you think about his warnings? Is he right on target? Or way off base?

(Language, please read both this posting and the article. We must wake up now)
The real purpose of the “FAKE NEWS” nonsense is to prep the people of the USA for the censorship of speech and the press which is rapidly coming to the USA.
Already 50% of the younger generation feel that freedom of speech should depend on the reaction of the individual who hears the speech. If they don’t like it, or are somehow offended by it, than speech should be limited to what those who hear it find palatable.
America remains the ONLY nation in Western Civilization that has codified free speech, the rest of Western Societies severely limit speech to what doesn’t offend others.
Obama, being the fascist that he is, has been meeting with world leaders calling for “governing bodies” that will determine “the truth” of what is said or written.
He has also been meeting with “social media” organizations like FB, TWITTER, BUZZFEED, YOUTUBE, REDDIT, GOOGLE, SNOPES, YAHOO, and others to try to create ways to censor news stories that they do not like or agree with.
Obama has expressed strong upset that all of the “NEWS” is no longer in the control of the big three (ABC, NBC, CBS) like in the past.
Until the advent of THE INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA every bit of information was controlled by a handful of elitists. If they wanted to lie about something there was NO WAY to combat what they were saying. If they wanted to censor a story or an issue all that they had to do was to ignore it.
All of this power over the dispensation of information began to fall apart with a small unknown web site called THE DRUDGE REPORT, and its coverage of a story killed by all the major news outlets, periodicals, and newspapers; Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades with an intern.
This story led to the impeachment of Clinton for lying about this relationship both under oath to a special prosecutor, and to the American people.
Since the moment that the DRUDGE REPORT came out with the news the “establishment media,” run by the elite, went to war trying to bury or spike the story; but were utterly unsuccessful in their efforts.
Since that time literally hundreds of thousands of alternative sites like DRUDGE have risen up to become their own news outlets. Every individual with a cell phone and determination can now break their own news.
Gone is the day of the “cub reporter” going out into the field like a newshound hungry to break the newest story. What we are left with today is mainly a group of bureaucrats and elitists who graduated from IVY LEAGUE or other elite academies who NO LONGER seek to break stories; but to promote an elite liberal ideology.
They, like their electronic media counterparts, are little more than rewriters from the wire service, and mouthpieces serving the will and desire of the elitist, globalist, liberals primarily in the democrat party, but also in the Republican party.
They no longer seek out the news to break it to a public hungry for info; but now seek to hide, censor, and lie about whatever does not further their liberal agenda.
They have ceased ANY PRETENSION OF of trying to appear neutral.
Being considered partisan no longer bothers them.
Social media, especially during this last election cycle, has proven to BE MORE RELEVANT than all of the multi-billion dollar elitist media venues of the past that controlled our every bit of public information.
Not only do the establishment elitist media no longer break news stories, but they only publish what they feel will promote their ideology, and the goals of the elitists globalist establishmentarians that they serve.
This LOSS OF RELEVANCE has relegated them to a roomful of elitist and haughty haters of the common American, giving themselves wooden plaques and lucite blocks declaring their greatness.
Even they know their self congratulatory gatherings are little more than a “circle jerk” where they “masturbate themselves into a stupor” of egotistical self congratulatory self promotion of their own relevance.
Nothing that they formerly had any longer exists, and that is why they are gathering forces with establishment entities and rich elitists such as FB and others to try to “drag us back” into the era where they alone control the information highway.
They, being the elitist fascist that they are, feel the dire and desperate need to control the free flow of information so that they can once again control what the public hears and believes.
The basic reality is that they despise the freedom of information that relegates them to gaining their credentialing based on reporting the news truthfully, and removes them from the coveted elitist position of being “THE PRESS.”
If they are not THE FOURTH ESTATE and the ones solely referred to in the 1st amendment as the ones with FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, then who is the constitution referring to?
For the first time since the days of our founding, the true understanding of the the phrase FREEDOM OF THE PRESS us once again being defined.
For too long “the press” had been defined by the bureaucracy of newspapers, and then the electronic media, with little to do with anyone that is not on their payroll.
This relegated all information to cycling through a pipeline controlled by an elitist few who were AGENDA driven to recreate the country in their own philosophical images; all the while enriching themselves vastly beyond what the everyday person could ever even imagine.
These fascists enjoyed a crony capitalist relationship with the government bureaucracy for almost two hundred years of our history, after all they were “THE PRESS.”
Good, or puff stories, about government bureaucrats were rewarded by those same government bureaucrats credentialing the authors as the only real sources of media allowed into the inner circle from which to report the news.
This cozy relationship further entrenched the idea into the American psyche that FREEDOM OF THE PRESS was defined by this cozy crony nepotistic relationship, instead of being defined as the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to every man recognized in our constitution.
These that hate the change in the operation of the news desperately despise that every man can determine for himself what is NEWS and what is newsworthy.
In other words the PEOPLE are not subject to, nor can they be controlled by, the elitist.
This means that the individual is being “guided by his own drummer” not the “drumbeat of the elite.”
Imagine how this effects things when the bankers want us to go to war, in order to fill or replenish their coffers on the dead bodies of the masses.
So, “big government” is the enemy of the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS residual in the individual, and is doing everything to drag us back to the fascist days when “big government” got to pick winners and losers, pick issues that we are supposed to be concerned about, pick the wars that we feel we should fight, and pick the politicians that we should love or hate.
Ever since the invention of the PRINTING PRESS governments have lost their ability and power to determine and control the free flow of information.
This movement called for by obama, and his crony capitalist fellow fascists, to bring all media, including social media, back under their control is the equivalent of the ancient “big church” movements in the past to keep the Bible only in Latin and only interpreted by a few chosen “high priests” of knowledge and information.
It is exactly what other fascists countries like Communist China, Nazi Germany, the former USSR, and other repressive regimes have done to the free flow of information.
And “as all roads lead to Rome,” all censorship leads to fascism.
This is why we must fight tooth and nail to create our own FB style outlet, our own Google, Twitter, YOUTUBE, and other outlets where they cannot censor our postings and discoveries.
We ARE the modern PRESS mentioned in the BILL OF RIGHTS.
We must fight every attempt to diminish our voice or bring it under the control of these fascists
The most important thing we can do by the next election is to create our own version of these things including FB.
We lost Obamas second election because the TEA PARTY groups all went to the government trying to obtain the permission to be certified, government approved “CHARITIES,” all with the intent to unseat the power of those granting that permission to approve them, who were already known as utterly corrupt.
It was a “fools errand” to think that the corrupt government would grant you tools to take them out.
It is no less foolish to think that these social media entities will allow us to use their platforms to continually make them irrelevant and remove them from their public power base.
We must create our own, and we must create it immediately if we want to continue to drain the swamp.

What do you think? Is he right, or no?

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