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BREAKING: The Thug Who Threw Elderly Woman Into Pool – Is NOT Laughing Now!

Not so funny NOW, is it, ‘tough guy’?

Clashdaily recently shared the story about an elderly lady who stopped by a neighbor to say their pool party was too loud. (Described in more detail there.)

She was picked up and bodyslammed into the concrete beside the pool. And then she was thrown into it.

Footage here:

It didn’t take too long to track down the guy who had done it.

And now the big question the 16-year-old who picked up is waiting to hear the answer to is: will I be charged as an adult or not?

Because if he IS? He could be looking at a fine and some hard time.

Joseph Leon Balfour, 16, of Margate, turned himself in to authorities around 5 p.m. Monday and was arrested.

Balfour faces a charge of one count of battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

…Party attendees can be heard screaming and laughing as they quickly ran away from the area.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the incident and looking to speak with witnesses.

The woman in the video declined to speak, but residents at the apartment complex spoke and said they were shocked at what happened.

Here’s the description of the charge he’s facing:

What the State Has to Prove for You to Be Convicted of Battery on an Elderly Person
In order for the state to convict you of battery on an elderly person, the state must prove:

(1) You intentionally touched the person without consent; and
(2) The person was 65 years of age or older.

Punishment for Battery on an Elderly Person
Normal battery is a first-degree misdemeanor but since the victim is elderly, the crime is changed into a third-degree felony which is punishable up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 find. —FelonyFlorida

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