CLASH POLL: Do You Feel SORRY For Deported Illegals?

Written by K. Walker on May 10, 2017

We’ve heard the sob stories on the news. How do YOU feel about them?

This is just a way for the Liberals to use emotions rather than reasoning to implement their policies.

The Media (D) is constantly painting Republicans — especially President Trump — as the evil, heartless bastards that don’t care about people.

Case in point: Deporting Illegal Aliens.

You’ve heard the appeals from Liberals:

– ‘They just want a fresh start with a new life here in America!’
– ‘They’re too poor to afford to go through the process!’
– ‘They don’t speak English, so they don’t understand the process!’
– ‘They are fleeing horrible living conditions in Central America!’
– ‘They are coming to do the jobs that Americans won’t do!’
– ‘They just want a better life for their children in the land of opportunity!’
– ‘No person is illegal!’

Some of those Liberal assumptions are flat-out bigoted.

Some might even be true.

But to that last one, we say:

No person is illegal, but their immigration status might be.

In an Op-Ed in The Hill, Nolan Rappaport writes about President Trump’s immigration policy.

Firs, Rappaport explains what he calls Obama’s ‘Home Free Magnet’.

President Barack Obama focused his immigration enforcement efforts primarily on aliens who had been convicted of serious crimes or who had been caught near the border after making an illegal entry, and he protected aliens here unlawfully who were not in a priority category.

His administration’s enforcement policy memorandum required ICE officers to obtain permission from a Field Office Director before arresting a deportable alien who was not in a priority category.

This created what I call a “home free magnet.” Aliens wanting to enter the United States illegally knew that they would be safe from deportation once they had reached the interior of the country unless they were convicted of a serious crime. This was a powerful incentive to do whatever was necessary to enter the United States.

That is all gone under President Trump:

President Trump destroyed this magnet with tough campaign rhetoric and his Executive Order, Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States, which greatly expanded enforcement priorities. No deportable alien is safe under President Trump’s enforcement policies.

This seems to have improved border security already.
Read more: The Hill

What do YOU think of President Trump’s stance on Immigration?

Should people just come to the United States without following immigration laws?

Or is it better for a country to control its borders?

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