QUESTION: Who Should Replace Corrupt Comey As FBI Director?

Written by K. Walker on May 10, 2017

Now that Jim Comey’s been kicked to the curb, who should be the NEW FBI Director?

The search is on, and there are some names that are floating around.

Let’s take a look at some of the top candidates:

1. Michael Mason

Another possible pick could be Mason, USA Today states. He is a former executive assistant FBI investigator, who has experience of handling criminal and cyber investigations.

He was backed by the FBI Agents Association for the top job last time the post became available during the Obama administration.

2. John Pistole

A former deputy director of the FBI, Pistole worked for the bureau for 26 years before becoming an administrator of the Transportation Security Administration.

He is currently president of Anderson University in Indiana, and is likely to be acceptable to Republicans and Democrats, having worked on terrorism policy during the George W Bush and Barack Obama administrations.

3. Rep. Trey Gowdy

Mr Gowdy is also a former federal prosecutor who boasts of his work on drug trafficking, bank robberies and child pornography cases.

He was among politicians critical of Mr Comey’s decision not to prosecute Mrs Clinton over the email server investigation, saying other government officials would have been prosecuted if they handled classified information like she did.

4. David Clarke

A conservative firebrand known for his cowboy hat, Mr Clarke has called himself ‘one of those bare-knuckles fighters’ and has been critical of what he called the “hateful ideology” of the Black Lives Matters movement.

Dear Sweet Lord Jesus, not this next one…

5. Chris Christie

Though his relationship with Trump has been mixed, the governor of New Jersey has known the president for years and could bring law enforcement experience to the job.

Plus, his Bromance with Obama would make him appeal to the Democrats.

6. Mike Rogers

Former House Intelligence Committee chairman Rogers has already said there were a ‘lot of concerns’ about Comey’s leadership of the FBI.

He told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that ‘Americans need to see this institution as an absolutely nonpartisan enterprise that works pretty hard and handles difficult cases’.

The current acting director could be a sticky one.

ClashDaily reported on the McCabe-Clinton connection some time ago.

7. Andrew McCabe

Appointed yesterday as Acting FBI director, McCabe has worked at the bureau for 21 years, having joined as a special agent in 1996.

He has expertise in counterterrorism and interrogation, but he is currently under review for his involvement in the Clinton scandal after his wife received funds from a close friend of Hillary for her political campaign in 2015.

8. Rudy Giuliani

The former New York mayor would be an attractive choice for Trump, as Giuliani was among his most vocal supporters during the presidential race and has a background in law enforcement.

9. Ray Kelly

The longest-serving police commissioner in New York City, Kelly was in charge of the force in the years following 9/11, when terror threats were routine.

His tough-on-crime stance, including support for provocative tactics like stop-and-search, could make him a natural ally of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

10. Ken Wainstein

Wainstein has 19 years of experience at the Justice Department, where he was the first head of its national security division.

He has also served the FBI, having worked as chief of staff to Comey’s predecessor, Robert Mueller.

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Who do YOU like for the new FBI Director?

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