CLASH POLL: What Would Be The PERFECT JOB For Maxine Waters?

Published on May 12, 2017

We know she THINKS that she’s a Congresswoman from California, but is there something else that she’s obviously better at doing?

She’s just not doing a great job for her constituents.

Check it out:

As a public service, our crack ClashDaily team has brainstormed some other jobs that Maxine Waters may be better suited to.

Taking into consideration her… um… skills. there are a few things that it looks like she could be good at…

Angry Librarian:

Lemonade Tester:

Wig model:

Rolling Stones Cover Band (Mick Jagger double):

Circus clown:

No, wait.  That last one is a bit close to the truth.  The whole Democratic Party is like a 3-Ring circus right now.

Which brings us back to the job that Maxine Waters thinks she’s doing.

She thinks she’s shoveling elephant dung at the circus.

She’s wrong.

She’s actually just flinging donkey crap.

And it’s always the same crap…

Sorry, there is no job for shrieking harpy.

Oh, right.

There is that.

But all those harpy seats are already taken.

If Whoopi ever retires, though…

We know that you have some ideas, so let us know what they are in the comments!

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