DEAR BLM DIPSTICKS: This Bro Just DESTROYED Your ‘White Privilege’ Bunkum

Written by K. Walker on May 27, 2017

This bro is AWESOME. He just debunked ‘white privilege’ with their own words.

Watch Ami Horowitz:

My favorite part is when he asks the white attendees of the conference if all white people are racist, and they say respond, ‘Yes’, but then he asks, ‘Is it wrong to judge people collectively?’ and they all respond, ‘Yes’.

With no awareness that ‘white privilege’ does just that.

That is the point — judging people collectively as ‘white’.

The video begins with Horowitz interviewing a number of white people at a so-called “White Privilege Conference” in Kansas City, Missouri, and asking them if they believe that every white person is a beneficiary of white privilege. The white leftists say yes, with one lady saying that she feels “super guilty all the time.” In fact, a number of the white leftists Horowitz interviewed claimed that all whites in America are racist.

Then Horowitz asked the same people if it was “wrong to judge people collectively.” They all answered yes, seemingly unaware of the obvious contradiction that Horowitz caught them in.

My second favorite part is when that awesome black man says, ‘It’s a myth.’

So Horowitz decided to go to Jackie Robinson Housing Projects in Harlem to ask blacks if they felt that they were “consumed with the idea of white privilege” on a daily basis. Much to the chagrin of race-baiting white leftists, they all said no.

One lady said, “My mom didn’t raise me to view color as the object of anything.” Another lady said that it was harmful to spread the myth of privilege because it gives black kids “no hope.” One man flat-out called white privilege “a myth,” citing the fact that he had seen a number of kids in the housing project go on to lead successful careers.

But it was the man running a food stand on the street who said it best in the video: “It’s America. If you’re willing to put forth an effort, you’ll do what you gotta do.” He later added, “If you let something stop you, then that’s you.”
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Amen, brother!

A lot of people are finding this ‘White Privilege’ nonsense is bunkum.

As shown in the video, the people that seem to love the white privilege crapola the most are… white people. And ‘educators’.

Lots of folks are left out.

What about kids that don’t have parents that are both white, for example?

Here’s an example of the discussion happening in Canada where white privilege teaching has taken hold in the Ontario curriculum.

From a fantastic article written by Margaret Wente:

Justus Walker was enjoying his Grade 11 class in sociology. Then came the lesson on white privilege. The teacher handed out a checklist with instructions for the students to score themselves on how much of it they had. The questions included things such as: “I can go into a supermarket and find the staple foods which fit with my cultural traditions.” The answers would determine their “privilege points.” After they had completed the exercise, the students were asked to line up in order, from least points to most, and discuss the impact of white privilege on their lives.

Some of the questions were hard to answer, because Justus is multiracial – some Scottish, some Jamaican, some Indian, and so on. Which cultural traditions is he supposed to identify with? He doesn’t self-identify by race, ethnic origin, or skin colour. “I just am Canadian,” he says. As for ethnic food, “I can find Jamaican food in a grocery store but I can’t find haggis.”

What do you do with that, white privilege folks?

Justus and his mom were featured on a radio call-in show about the handling of white privilege teaching in high schools in Ontario.

Ms. Walker grew up in a small Ontario town where minorities were rare. Her Jamaican father told her she’d have to work harder and do better because she was a woman of colour. But for her, discrimination wasn’t a problem. “I’ve never really felt outside of the Canadian culture.” She hoped that Canada was becoming “the colour-blind society that Martin Luther King advocated for.” Instead, she says, “we’re trying to force people back into these boxes, to the detriment of our kids.”

No one would argue that privilege doesn’t exist, or that racism is extinct, or that these things don’t matter. Of course they do. But privilege comes in many forms. One of the most important privileges anyone can have – far more important to life outcomes than skin tone – is an intact two-parent family. Too bad they don’t teach that in school. Maybe they should.
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Mabye the BLM folks could start talking about intact families instead?

Just a thought…

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