DEAR CNN: Your Buddy Debbie Just THREATENED A Cop On VIDEO – Is THAT News?

Published on May 26, 2017

If the cop finds a horse’s head in his bed, I guess we will all know who put it there.

This story is going to bust EVERY irony meter we have. Like this one:

Why? Becuase DWS (Debbie Debbie Wasserman Schultz) — remember her, on of the reasons Hillary failed? Has her panties in a twist about the “proper handling” of electronic equipment.

Whassa matter Debbie? Something incriminating that we haven’t already seen there? Did Wikileaks miss something juicy? If Trump had said what SHE just said, Debbie would be calling for his head on a plate. But Democrats don’t PLAY by the rules they expect OTHERS to play by, do they?

We already KNOW how she covered for Hillary not following correct protocols with the handling of electronic equipment. But now she pretends to want the letter of the law? She straight up admitted to being too thick to understand what the chief was saying. And threatening a cop because he won’t sidestep formal policy to please her? Bad move.

Does she not realize that’s a bad look for a supposed leader? Reminds us of something…

… yes. That’s it exactly.

And considering that DWS got FIRED from the leadership of the DNC for RIGGING the Primaries in her own Damn Party — do you REALLY want to keep up that talk about election interference? (We’re sure some Bernie fans may have something to add to THAT conversation.)

Funny thing about law enforcement: They don’t LIKE to be threatened. As one of your own told us… they have ways of making life difficult for people like her who flaunt their power.

They could, for example, apply the strictest letter of the law.

And if that laptop comes within the scope of a legitimate investigation? Well, this could become interesting indeed.

Especially if there’s anything on there she would rather have given the ‘bleach-bit’ treatment.

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