‘GREEN’ OBAMA: Is He Saving The Planet Or Padding His Wallet?

Published on May 10, 2017

Talk is cheap. (But Obama’s is well-compensated.) What do his ACTIONS look like?

He’s no longer traveling on the taxpayer’s dime, but he’s still living large. Have a look at his trip to Italy.

It was an Environment event in which he was the speaker. He pocketed a cool $3.26 Million for his troubles.

The event, which attracted 3500 people paying €850 a ticket, raised nearly €3 million, all of which will go to the Obama Foundation dedicated to “renewal and global progress.”

“When it comes to climate change, the hour is almost upon us,” Obama told the summit, urging the world to “set aside our parochial differences” to create a better planet for the world’s children.

“If we seize the future, there is nothing that we cannot do … I do not believe that this planet is condemned to ever-rising temperatures,” Obama said. “I believe these are problems that were caused by man and can be solved by man.”

Remember how Obama once told us we couldn’t all drive SUV’s have our climate controlled homes?

Keep that in mind as you see what’s next:

Former president Barack Obama cares about the environment. A lot. So much so that he took time out of his busy schedule of hob-nobbing with celebrities on a super yacht in Tahiti to attend a “climate change” summit in Italy.

But America’s first black president wasn’t so green. He took a private jet to Milan, then rolled into the city in a 14-car motorcade — with a helicopter keeping watch overhead. He dumped enough carbon into the environment to kill a small forest. —DailyWire

What does he REALLY care about? Is it the environment?

Yet he wasn’t done there. Then he opened his mouth, pouring more hot air into the atmosphere. “During his roughly 100-minute remarks in Milan, Italy, the former U.S. president talked about himself 216 times,” according to a count by The American Mirror.

Obama said “I” 168 times, “me” or “my” 40 times, and said “we,” “us” or “our” referring to his family eight times, the Mirror wrote.

In a Q & A period, Obama was asked how he had changed over his eight years in the White House. “One of the dangers of being in the public eye, being in the spotlight, being in positions of power is how it will change your soul. That you start believing your own hype. You start believing that you deserve all the attention. I actually found that I became more humble the longer I was in office.”

Ha. —DailyWire

So. Do you buy it? Is he REALLY concerned about ‘saving’ the planet?

Or is he just interested in a fat wallet?

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