QUESTION: Have The Obama’s Influence Made America More United Or Divided?

Published on May 10, 2017

They were hailed as an administration that would bring a divided nation together… did it work?

Was setting a young biracial President and his wife into the White House the healing salve America needed to bring peace and understanding to political groups who had been talking past each other?

Was he the shining light and political messiah the Left ad Media (D) promoted him as being?

Was the President who brought us the Beer Summit able to bring Left and Right together again?

Was his wife, who liked to remind us that she ‘lived in a house built by slaves’ now grateful that America had become so colorblind that a nation comprised mostly of white Citizens had freely chosen a Black Man as its President. (Ok, he’s biracial, but you’d never know that by how he spoke.)

Did she wax eloquent about how far America has come as a nation?

Did he lead by example in reaching across the aisle? Making sure he was listening to people with whom he politically disagreed? Embracing the Ordinary Joes from flyover country?

Did he gloat ‘elections have consequences’ or did he make laws that would respect the wishes of BOTH parties?

Did he respect the rule of law regardless of race or political affiliation? Did he instruct government agencies to be unbiased, or did he and his surrogates weaponize them against ordinary citizens?

Did he uphold the presumption of innocence when charges were laid involving a racially-charged high-profile case? Or did he tilt public opinion against the accused?

Did he hire people for positions of power because they were the best person for the job, or because she was a ‘wise latina’?

Was the hand-off of power to a successor from the opposing party even-handed, or did he sabotage and undermine it?

Overall, looking around at the overall results of the Obamas and their time in office…

Is America MORE united or MORE divided than when they began?

Share if the presstitutes who promised he’d be a ‘great uniter’ have some explaining to do.