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GUN GRABBERS: Their Dizzying Rules And Restrictions Are BEYOND Stupid

Politicians and judges infringe the right to bear arms every day. In two earlier articles I described the restrictions on honest gun owners and the restrictions on where we are allowed to carry. Now let’s talk about the state, county, and municipal politicians who tell us what guns we may own. The politician’s rationale is always the same. They say their regulations protect us in the name of “public safety”. They are wrong, but read how the politicians spin the truth.

*Not That Size — Honest people are not allowed to own some guns because they are too short. Then again, we are allowed to have some smaller guns that would fit in your pocket. These regulations don’t make sense, but few gun regulations do.(1)
*Not that Loud — You can’t shoot that gun at the range because it is too big and powerful.. even though it was made over 155 years ago. And, don’t put a muffler on the gun thinking you can make it quieter. That would be illegal and make the gun too quiet. (1)
*Not Too Many — You can’t carry ammunition magazines with too many cartridges. Some states say that 30 cartridges are too many. Some states say 7 cartridges are the limit, and some say that any cartridges are too many to fit in a removable magazine. Why do they limit the number of ammunition cartridges that honest people can carry in their gun? Without any evidence at all, they say, “public safety”. The police and the criminals carry more, but not the victims of crime.
Honest citizens like us can’t have a firearm with a detachable magazine because those are extra dangerous. Even though magazine loaded firearms have been available to the public for the last 130 years. (1)
*Not That Color — The manufacturer changed the color of that gun, so you can’t buy it. Of course, once you own it you may change the color… Unless that color is illegal. In some states you can’t buy a gun of a certain color gun due to public safety. It might only be the color of a single screw, and it doesn’t matter that the same firearm has been made for over a hundred years. The claim is that the gun might not be safe if they change the color. The gun that has been made to military specifications for years needs to be submitted to the state for retesting each year. In the name of “public safety” you can never be too safe, and the government has to charge a fee and test the gun to be sure. (1)
*Not Today — I don’t care how many guns you already own, but we need to conduct a background check before you get one more. You can be a firearms instructor and have your concealed carry permit, but the government still says you need a background check and a waiting period before you buy your next gun. Oh, and you can’t buy more than one gun a month. (1)
*Not Too Easy to Use — Some politicians said you can’t buy a gun that loads itself after each shot… even though auto loading firearms were available to the public for 130 years. They say those restrictions might make somebody… somewhere… safer. (1)
*Not Too Affordable — Politicians made it illegal to buy an inexpensive gun. I understand why some firearms manufacturers want the government to drive out their competition, but don’t tell me it is for “public safety”. I guess affordable guns would let poor people defend themselves, and anti-gun politicians can’t allow that. (1)
*Not Too Long — Politicians outlawed some guns if they incorporate an adjustable stock. I’m not sure what to think about that restriction. Either politicians don’t want guns to fit women and children, or politicians want everyone in the family to have a gun of their own. (1)
*I Don’t Like the Look of That — There are a shifting combination of materials, size, color and capacity that politicians label as an assault weapon. That lets the politician hold a press conference and claim that guns are “assault weapons” and “modern killing machine”. It doesn’t matter that the gun was designed back when the US only had 46 states. The emotional hyperbole makes good headlines today. (1)
Politicians tell us that all these restrictions are to make guns safer. That isn’t what firearms instructors tell us. We tell students that guns are never “safe”. Guns are dangerous, and that is precisely why we carry them.

Most law enforcement officers are exempt from these regulations, so the regulations were never about public or personal safety. These regulations are part of the political theater trying to sell us the idea that government can protect us. Sacrificing our rights is an acceptable price to pay for politicians who need to spin the truth. The reality is that anti-gun cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Bal

timore are among our most dangerous cities.

Does it really surprise anyone that gun prohibition failed again?

(1) — Gun regulations don’t make sense.

photo credit: cactusmelba broken gun via photopin (license)

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Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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