HELLO KITTY: University Hosts 6 ‘Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies’ For College Wussies

Written by K. Walker on May 17, 2017

CLASHDAILY NAILED IT! We broke this story BEFORE it even happened…

Breaking the news before it’s even news!

That’s why you need to come to ClashDaily FIRST.

When we wrote about the ‘Blacks Only’ Harvard Graduation ceremony, we asked if the Ivy League University was going to have separate-but-equal ceremonies for other groups…

We were half-kidding.

We didn’t think anyone would think:

Check out the ClashDaily article about the ‘It’s not segregation segregation’ here:

PROGRESSIVE: Ivy League College To Hold ‘BLACK ONLY’ Grad Ceremony — No, This Is NOT Satire

Ok, so we didn’t get it exactly right.

Alas, the Polynesian students will still have to wait their turn for their ceremony.

And it isn’t Harvard doing this madness… yet.

It’s Columbia!

Because they’re so much more regressive ‘progressive’ than Harvard.

Columbia is so ‘hep’ and ‘with it’ that they’re even using the term ‘Latinx’ — the gender-neutered term for Hispanic. ‘Cause you wouldn’t want to cause offense by using their language correctly and ‘misgendering’ people.

Or something.

Columbia University will play host to six different graduation ceremonies for students of particular ethnicities and backgrounds this year.

While all graduating seniors will attend the main commencement ceremony, those who identify as black, Latinx, queer, Native American, or Asian will also have the option of attending separate proceedings just for students of the same background, as will students who are the first in their families to earn a college degree.

Looky, looky!

It’s both and for them.

No such luck for The Wielders of Supreme Power — the ‘white privileged’ students.

Only one graduation ceremony for the cisgendered white folk that aren’t the lucky firsts in their family to get a college degree.

And if you didn’t think that colleges were little indoctrination centers (despite all the mountains of evidence,) you can be certain that it’s true of Columbia.

This formerly-prestigious university is actively seeking to honor leftist social justice warriors:

The commencements are organized through a collaboration between various student groups (such as the Black Students’ Organization) and the Columbia Office of Multicultural Affairs, which seeks to promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice among students.

In line with the OMA’s mission, it also honors some students with special regalia during graduation season, providing students “who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to diversity, social justice, and multiculturalism” with special graduation cords to celebrate their activism while they attend “the various graduation ceremonies.”

This is directly sponsored by the administration, and there is an Nomination form for the ‘special cords’ which:

…seeks to gauge how dedicated a nominee is to social justice, asking for details about their social justice endeavors as an undergraduate, as well as how they will “continue the growth of understanding of multiculturalism, addressing diversity issues, and working toward social justice in personal and/or professional realms after graduation.”
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First the Bro-Romper, now this.

The world really is about to end, isn’t it?

Maybe college profs should put down the weed and Malcolm X, and listen to a few Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speeches.

On second thought…

Start with this first.

Before you get stuck in the weeds of the radical idea that people should be judged by ‘the content of their character and not the color of their skin’.

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