HOLY COW! Macron Ally Drops DEAD On Stage During Campaign Speech

Published on May 6, 2017

This is about as bad as ‘bad omens’ can get.

In the very last hours of the last days of France’s showdown between the last two candidates standing, the Socialist candidate got some REALLY bad news.

Yes, it was even worse news than that public endorsement from Barak Obama.

An audience was gathered to hear a campaign speech by Corinne Erhel. She was speaking in support of the Marcon election.

It did NOT go as planned. She collapsed. And then she died.

Here was how it was reported:

A socialist lawmaker died after collapsing on stage during a speech at a campaign rally for French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron, party officials said on Saturday.

Corinne Erhel, 50, was the last to speak at the rally Friday in western France when she suddenly fell to the ground. She was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

“I learned with immense sadness of the death of Corinne Erhel at the event in Plouisy, where she was speaking to 300 activists,” wrote French lower house speaker Claude Bartolone, a socialist.

With reports of polls having shifted in favor of Le Pen in recent days, and with solid political hits scored by his opponent (like “France will be governed by a Woman… either Le Pen or Merkel”) Macron needed all the help he could get.

Not only is this a personal tragedy for her friends and loved ones, this was NOT the kind of news Marcon needed at this point in the race.

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