VIRAL: If You’re Thinking About Mixing XANAX & PERCOCET This Video Will DISSUADE You

Published on May 6, 2017

This would be a LOT more effective than that old ‘this is your brain on drugs’ commercial.

Is THIS what passes for a ‘good time’ now?

She’s so far gone she can’t possibly even know who she IS at this point, let alone if she’s enjoying herself.

And what is her ‘friend’ doing? Getting her to somewhere safe?

Nope. She’s mocking her. And filming it.


Are we back to the point where we have to explain to people that putting toxins into your body is a BAD idea? Especially when they come from dubious sources, and could be cut with literally ANYTHING?

Xanax and Percocet (if that’s ACTUALLY what she was given) does BAD things to you.

This poor woman is living proof.

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