MANCHESTER: Trump BLASTS Islamic State – Can You IMAGINE If Hillary Were President?

Just listen to what he said about the perpetrators… it’s AWESOME!

President Trump calls radical Islam a ‘wicked ideology’ that must be ‘eliminated’. He says that the perpetrators are ‘evil losers’, not monsters, and he reiterated that they need to be ‘driven out’ of the mosques and communities.

He’s right.

What kind of a douchey coward beats up little kids?

The same kind that would knowingly attack a concert filled with young girls.

Watch the epic smackdown:


That. Was. Perfect.

All of you ‘Love Trumps Hate’ people, when real hate straps on a suicide vest and sends nails flying into children, what do you plan on doing about it?

Blame it on ‘American Imperialism’ as you usually do?

Blame it on a YouTube video, maybe?

What’s needed is actual LEADERSHIP.

Not more apologies, not censorship of the words ‘Islamic terror’.

This is why I shall be forever grateful for the Electoral College.

Here’s what one bold Freedom-loving, anti-Sharia, actual moderate Muslim Canadian has to say:

Look at that! Sounds like he’s talking about Obama and Hillary, doesn’t it?

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