QUESTION: Should Police Chiefs Be PUNISHED For Allowing ATTACKS on Trump Supporters?

Published on May 19, 2017

Have you noticed something strange about some of the violent protests? Like the lack of intervention?

If an organized protest turned violent on a street that a police chief or mayor happened to call home, would the rank-and-file cops be told to stand down and give ‘space’ to ‘those who wished to destroy’? Or would there be orders to disperse and arrest?

Is that a no-brainer? Sure it is. They would have a strong instinct to protect what is valuable to them. It’s only human.

So why in the hell are orders being given to ‘stand down’ when we’re seeing violent protesters who are COUNTING on the police to pull back so they can bully and cheat Conservatives out of their right to peacefully assemble.

They called the Berkley protests of Milo ‘a victory’.

They are being REWARDED for their violence by GETTING their desired result.

This is exactly the tactic that we see in non-Democratic regimes in the third world, places ruled by Warlords and scumbags.

The ‘thin blue line’ that protects not just person and property, but the rights of peaceful citizens to freely assemble has a sacred duty to keep people like BAMN from corroding our democratic process.

If the police won’t step up and step in when it turns violent, what alternative is there?

Should those who instruct rank-and-file cops to stand down during violent protests be held accountable?

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