Written by K. Walker on May 17, 2017

You know how the Democrats are always portraying themselves as the ‘champions’ of the ‘little guy’? Well, about that…

The ‘Fight for 15’ cheerleaders are being sued by the younguns that work on their campaigns.

It’s a class-action lawsuit filed by field workers who claim that they spent 80-90 hours a week, but were not paid overtime.

After championing the $15 minimum wage in their party platform, Democrats are facing a class-action lawsuit over failure to pay overtime. Field workers in various states are suing the DNC and state Democratic parties on the grounds that their 80-90 hour work weeks in the heat of the campaign qualify them for overtime payment, rather than their agreed upon salary of $2,500-$3,000 per month.

Ok, so here, we can discuss that the young staffers agreed to the salary ahead of time.

But they’re mostly young folk, perhaps they didn’t think about what being salaried meant and what it means when you work overtime.

Sure, fine.

We can cut them some slack there.

But it is abusive of the DNC to work these people 80-90 hours per week.

If you take the smallest salary given — $2500, and divide that by the maximum number of hours a week, you get $6.94/hr. (2500/4 = 625/wk. 625/90 = 6.9444)

And these are the ‘Fight for $15’ folks?


Field workers are plentiful and cheap, so Democratic operatives are naturally arguing that the plaintiffs don’t have a case because the supply of inexpensive labor allowed the party to pay them so little. “The number of young people who want to work on campaigns is infinite,” Democratic consultant Neil Oxman said. “The kids are working on campaigns because they love Michael Nutter, or they love Hillary Clinton, or they love Bernie Sanders. Pretty much everyone who works a campaign knows it’s not the best-paying job in the world.” His statement inadvertently explains why the Democratic “fight for $15” is economically ridiculous.

The complaint states that the failure to pay overtime violates labor laws.

According to the suit, the lack of overtime pay violated labor laws, and many on the anti-establishment Left side with the plaintiffs. “There is no question that campaign organizers performing the duties described in the lawsuit are not Exempt from overtime provisions of the FLSA,” said progressive writer Amy Sterling Casil in a lengthy Medium post. She also blasted the DNC over news that its host-committee executives were paid bonuses as high as $310,000, figures that have many on the far left melting down.
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If you’re going to stiff your peons employees overtime pay, you probably shouldn’t be giving the executives 6-figure bonuses.

Just sayin’.

Do you think the Democrats will catch hell in the Media (D) for this?

Probably not.

That’s why you need to share this far and wide so that everyone knows what kind of people are running the Democratic Party that’s ‘for the little guy’.


They’re for themselves.

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