REVOLTING: Gross Dude Gets GIRLS To Do The Unthinkable

Published on May 15, 2017

Hey ladies, guys like him are always trolling for suckers, don’t be one of them.

He’s a scuzzbag. And with the billions to be made in the darker corners of the internet, he’s not the first nor will he be the last.

Problem is, he’s not just finding young ladies willing to trade their modesty and self-respect for a quick buck — he’s one step worse than THAT guy.

This one isn’t even giving the girls the money he promised.

Here’s his scam.

The U.S. attorney’s office says 34-year-old Mario Antoine, of Raymore, will be sentenced to 10 years in prison under the terms of the plea deal he agreed to Friday. He also will be required to pay restitution to his victims. Formal sentencing is set for Sept. 13.

Prosecutors said Antoine created online aliases as a talent manager, photographer and videographer and claimed to work for fictitious companies in the pornography industry. Investigators say he promised to pay the women thousands of dollars.

Prosecutors say when the women complained about not being paid, Antoine forwarded images of the sexual activity to their employers or significant others.

He apparently duped DOZENS (plural!) with this scam. How is that even possible?

He wouldn’t be the first scumbag facing charges for this sort of thing…

‘Revenge Porn Site’ Operator Cries Like A Wussy When Sentenced to 18 YEARS

And most of the guys who do use porn might think twice if they realized how it can diminish their masculinity. (Testosterone drops and impotency.)

Ladies, we know there’s a get-quick-rich attitude out there, and sex tapes are seen as the fast-track to stardom.

But please don’t fall for it, ladies. You deserve better than that, whoever you are. For most of ‘the industry’, the picture isn’t so rosy.

Here’s what one lady who left that life behind has to say about it.

Or Shelly’s story

Or Miriam Duke University’s ‘Belle Knox’ with her regrets on becoming internet-famous for her porn. An excerpt:

Why? “It teaches you to be street smart and not to trust people…I’m so used to being on the lookout for scammers, people who are going to try pimp me out or traffic me. I think my experiences have aged me. I don’t have the mind of an eighteen-year-old. I have the emotional baggage of someone much, much older than me.”

While some are lesson-learned happy-ending redemption stories, Mindy’s story is heartbreaking.

Ladies — you deserve more respect than what slugs like this are offering you… at ANY price.

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