RUSSIAGATE BOOMERANG: Will Anti-Trump Leaks Highlight Obama’s Russian Dealings?

Published on May 30, 2017

After Democrats crying ‘wolf’ over Russian interference, will we take a closer look at Obama’s Russian connections?

Get McCain some smelling salts for this one. He’ll need it.

The #NotMyPresident #Russian witchhunt has been relentless.

The scenarios painted about Republicans cooperating with Russian operatives have shot way past shrill and are now approaching apocalyptic.

The same media that laughed Romney to scorn when Obama quipped about ‘Romney’s 1980’s foreign policy is suddenly Hawkish about Russia.’

The mudslinging, the presumption of guilt, the innuendo, the ‘anonymous sources’ and the leading questions on par with ‘do you still beat your wife’ about Russian collusion fill the news cycle almost wall-to-wall.

It’s all the networks really want to talk about. Becuase they DESPERATELY want Trump’s scalp nailed to their wall.

For example, they’re now making noise about Trump’s son-in-law. One problem… that actually undercuts their own narrative.

No surprise, really. These are the same media that conveniently overlook any REAL evidence of collusion with Russia…

Obama’s infamous hot mic where he as much as admits putting American interests at odds with Russian national ones. (Isn’t that EXACTLY the accusation they’ve been desperate to pin on Trump?)

So in light of the fuss and fear … even McCain calls Russia a ‘greater threat’ than ISIS … does THIS headline seem a little out of place? Inside Obama’s Secret Outreach to Russia

That was 2014. Before Russia was ‘bad news’. But all this talk about Russia has it making the rounds again. Becuase the contents are suddenly relevant.

There was another one, in April of this year, with another interesting headline: Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge It lists a lot of areas where Obama did exactly what Putin would have wanted him to do, with little or nothing in return. (Is he a sellout, traitor or the worst negotiator ever?)

Even CNN was forced to acknowledge potential implications against Obama, the weaponization of this issue. (It must have nearly killed them to write THIS headline): Obama administration under scrutiny for its response to Russia’s meddling

And that’s only half the story.

The OTHER half is no better for Obama. Remember, they are alleging Russia has HACKED (or tried to) the American election. And — more important — that he is dangerous BECAUSE he is trying to do the same with other elections. (That’s the part that has McCain’s panties in a twist, if you recall.)

One small problem. Obama is accused of using taxpayer money to try to deep-six Netanyahu in THIER Democratic election.

So, does that mean that Obama is just like Putin? Does that make Putin good, or does it make Obama bad?

(Is doing that with tax dollars even Constitutional?)

The problem with having lost House, Senate, AND Executive? Obama’s crowd doesn’t have anyone with enough power to shield them from scrutiny anymore.

Obama’s henchmen… maybe Obama himself… will have some difficult questions to answer.

And that’s not even touching his possible complicity in the leaks. Read more on that aspect:
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