QUESTION: Would YOU Move If A MOSQUE Was Built Next Door To Your Home?

Published on May 30, 2017

There are some real dollars-and-cents reasons to ask this question…

Here is one headline there are others like it:
If the Bendigo Mosque proceeds then house prices in White Hills will be set to fall 20%.

Here’s a slightly different one:
Developer behind ‘Muslim housing project’ in Montreal says anyone with shared values welcome

And some would point to what we have seen elsewhere —
SHOCKING: Undercover Documentary Shows Women BANNED In Muslim-Dominated Area of FRANCE

The concern is, not all neighbors are interested in ‘Coexisting’. And Muslim neighbors have an abysmal track record in America’s ‘Melting Pot’.

They tend to start asking for concessions. Would you still be able to take your dog to the local park? (Dogs are ‘unclean’.)

Would the ‘public’ swimming pool be restricted to “women only” at certain times of the day to satisfy Muslim dress code?

Do property values go down or no? It’s a concern raised by many that rights lawyers dismiss as nonsense.

But that isn’t even the biggest concern.

Not all mosques are content to be religious centers.

We have numerous examples of mosques that have been complicit with Jihad. Mosques with bomb vests. With Weapons caches. With explosives.

Share with someone who thinks Muslims actually believe in separation of Mosque and State.