The SHOCKING But TRUE Facts About The Antebellum South…

Written by Kenn Daily on May 18, 2017

Here’s a bit of history you didn’t know.

The Confederacy’s Secretary of State was Jewish.

And we are told those “rabid racists” protesting the removal of Confederate monuments are fascists!

Not so.

I call it “lying by omission”. It works like this: If a bit of history doesn’t fit the cultural Marxism paradigm — that white patriots are anti-Jewish and anti-Black bigots — that history is simply omitted.

Judah P. Benjamin not only was the Secretary of State for the Confederate States of America (CSA), he was previously an outspoken U.S. Senator from Louisiana.

What made Benjamin unique in American history? He was a successful, out-of-the-closet Jewish politician.

Benjamin’s family was British who found their way from the West Indies to Charleston, South Carolina in 1821. Charleston, at the time, boasted the largest (gasp!) Jewish community in the United States.

Imagine that! The largest Jewish community in the early 19th century was located deep in the heart of Dixie!

His father was a founder of Charleston’s first Reform congregation in the United States; a Jewish sect known for conducting synagogue services in English rather than Hebrew.

Young Benjamin left home and headed for New Orleans, Louisiana where he entered, then excelled, in the legal profession.

Southerners in the antebellum South were, obviously, hospitable to Jews.

In his book, The Early Jews of New Orleans, Rabbi Bernard W. Korn noted that Benjamin “arrived in New Orleans in 1828, with no visible assets other than the wit, charm, omnivorous mind and boundless energy with which he would find his place in the sun”.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Southerners stereotyped as anti-Semitic Klansters?

Though a slave holder and former advocate of slavery, Benjamin changed his views as the Civil War progressed and became an avid supporter of ending slavery.

• Next thing you know we’ll be told that Dinah Shore, the late, great entertainer from Dixie — replete with Southern accent — was Jewish.

In fact, Dinah Shore (1916-1994) was Jewish.

That causes us to ponder: If Southerners are so anti-Jewish, how is it possible that Shore — born Fannye Rose Shore to Russian-Jewish immigrant shopkeepers in Tennessee — managed to both survive and thrive in the South during the notorious Jim Crow era?

• Here’s another “oops” missed by the media.

I once watched a news segment condemning the Ku Klux Klan for its overt anti-Jewish stance. A Jewish shoe store owner was quoted after watching Klansters parade through his town. He wasn’t fooled by their hoods and robes, the media reported. He could recognize them by their shoes!

It occurred to me that these Klansters obviously patronized a Jewish-owned shoe store. Maybe they weren’t as anti-Semitic as the media pretends.

• Now our attention turns to the oh-so “tolerant” New York state.

It is there that 100 Jewish holocaust survivors are fuming at Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Their beef?

It turns out that the City University of New York (CUNY) has welcomed the notorious Jew-bashing Muslim, Linda Sarsour, to present the commencement address at its School of Public Health.

I’m puzzled. Why would a school of public health welcome a supporter of Islamic terror against Israel? Isn’t blowing people up a public health hazard?

If her name rings a bell, it’s likely because Sarsour was the driving force — along with Michael Moore — behind the so-called Women’s March in Washington, DC, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

From we read:

What Linda Sarsour advocates for—boycotts against Jewish businesses in Israel and random acts of violence against the innocent—are no different than the things that we personally experienced. This is a frightening reality that we hoped we would never see again. But what makes matters worse is to again see good people and respected institutions responding with indifference… Nothing good can come of Ms. Sarsour telling young people, with CUNY’s imprimatur, that violence against the innocent for any reason at all is acceptable or courageous.

Things seem to be a bit topsy turvy.

The people we are supposed to condemn as fascists — Southern whites — are actually the progeny of our nation’s most tolerant and inclusive of Jews.

The people we are supposed to condone as anti-fascists — antifa — are evoking outrage from New York’s Jewish community for advancing the state’s most notorious Muslim.

Image: Judah P. Benjamin (far left); Excerpted from: By Harper’s Weekly — Public Domain; United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division, digital ID cph.3c32563;;

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